Cyber Security & Cyber Defense Certificate

Designed to prepare students for a career in computer networking and security.
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Three pathways to the certificate

The Cyber Security & Cyber Defense certificate (39 credits) combines both computer networking and systems administration fundamentals, with a focus on defensive strategies to securing networking infrastructure and systems. The certificate is designed to prepare students for a career in computer networking and security.

The certificate can be completed as part of an undergraduate or masters degree:

Professor Holly Yuan shows female CNIT students computer servers in a lab in Micheels Hall.

B.S. in Computer Networking and Information Technology

Students completing the BS-CNIT will earn the certificate as part of the program's courses.

  • hands‐on, active learning
  • real‐world experience
  • administer networks
  • 120 credits
  • on campus


Tyler Elwood gives a website audit presentation during Associate Professor Kevin Tharp's Search Engine Optimization class.

B.S. in Information and Communication Technologies

Transfer college or university IT related credits toward the BS-ICT to earn both the degree and the certificate; perfect for adding to your AAS degree.

  • online or on campus
  • transfer credit friendly
  • working professionals
  • degree completion
  • diverse curriculum


UW-Stout Information and Communication Technologies Graduate student, poses in the telecom/network room at the UW-Stout Administration Building.

M.S. in Information and Communication Technologies

The MS-ICT aligns with the certificate pathway and is fully online instruction.

  • flexible, fully online
  • workplace focus
  • customized emphasis
  • 30 credits total
  • portfolio thesis


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