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At UW-Stout, you’ll do more than earn an education—you’ll do on day one. In as early as your first week of class, you'll develop the skills and experiences necessary to thrive in today's dynamic professional world. From innovative labs and studios to industry partnerships, you'll have unmatched opportunities to engage in real-world scenarios and gain invaluable applied learning and research experience. And when you graduate, you'll have with the confident, credentials, and expertise to excel in your chosen field.


As you prepare to apply, make sure to review our Program-Specific Admission Requirements.

Undergraduate Degrees. Start or Continue Your Journey.

Whether you're a current high school student embarking on a First-Year experience, a Transfer, a Reentry, or an International or ESL student, we have the perfect path for you. Each application process below is tailored to your distinct journeys. Choose the best fit for your stage, and let's chart your course toward academic and personal growth in a community dedicated to your success. Your path to doing on day one at UW-Stout starts here.


New First-Year Stout Student Application

New First-Year Student

Attending or graduating high school this year? Apply as a first-year applicant.
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Transfer Student Application

Transfer Student

Attending another two-year or four-year university? Apply as a transfer applicant.
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International and ESL Student Application

International or ESL Student

Application process for an international or ESL undergraduate college student.
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Reentry Student Application

Reentry Student

Whether you've been out of school for 5 years or 20, we'll give you the tools to finish what you've started.
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Master's or Doctoral Degree. Advance Your Learning Journey.

As a Graduate or International Graduate Student, you're not just pursuing an advanced degree. You're forging a path of personal and professional growth. Together, let's begin the remarkable journey that lies ahead at UW-Stout. Choose the application process below that most closely aligns with your current aspirations.

Graduate Student Application

Graduate Student

Begin your journey to a master's or doctoral degree with our application process.
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International Graduate Student

Begin your international graduate journey with our application process.
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Certificates, Certifications & Non-Degree Seeking Student Applications.

Whether you're pursuing a certificate or certification, or even a high school student eager to jumpstart your college experience, we have the right path for you. Choose the option that suits your current academic and professional ambitions best and let's start growing together on your unique journey at UW-Stout.

Certificate Student Application

Certificates & Certification

Let's pave the way to your certificate or certification together, starting with our application process.
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Non-Degree Seeking Student Application

Non-Degree Seeking Student

Join the UW-Stout community without committing to a full degree.
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Application Questions?

Discover, inquire and connect! UW-Stout Undergraduate Admissions and Graduate Studies are here for all your questions.