The online platform that connects students and alumni to employers
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Handshake is UW-Stout's primary recruitment and career event management tool and is used by over 200,000 employers, including all Fortune 500 companies. Thousands of internships and opportunities are posted on Handshake by employers specifically to hire students.

Student Access

All current students have access to Handshake and can log in using their UW-Stout credentials. 

Students can use Handshake for: 

  • Job and internship searching 
  • Scheduling an appointment with Career Services Staff
  • Browsing upcoming events and Career Fairs
  • Accessing exclusive resources like GoinGlobal and Big Interview

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Alumni Access

All UW-Stout alumni have access to Handshake. Some alumni may already have an account they have access to, some may have an account already, but just need to update their email address, and others may need an account created for them. Please read below to determine which scenario applies to you, and what your next course of action should be.

Alumni can use Handshake for: 

  • Job searching 
  • Scheduling an appointment with a Career Coach
  • Browsing upcoming events and career fairs
  • Accessing exclusive resources like GoinGlobal and Big Interview

Recent Alumni

Alumni who have graduated in the past year can still access Handshake with their UW-Stout credentials. 

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Please Note: Accounts that have not been logged in to for more than 1 year will be archived. Please call (715) 232-2178 for reactivation.

Alumni Who Graduated Before 2020

Alumni who graduated before 2020 likely do not have a Handshake account already created for them, unless they've worked with our office before. Career Services is happy to create new accounts for alumni who would like access to Handshake.

Request access here.

Employer Access

Create an employer account in the system to post jobs, co-ops/internships, events, request interviews, register and participate in recruiting events, and more. Handshake is the first stop students make when looking for these opportunities, and the service is free to students and employers.

Getting Started with Handshake:

  1. Create a Handshake User Account
  2. Create a Handshake Company Profile
  3. Connect with University of Wisconsin-Stout
  4. Select to Post a Job, Request an Event, or Request On-Campus Interview Schedule
  5. Add Handshake (handshake@notifications.joinhandshake.com and handshake@m.joinhandshake.com) to your address book so system emails will not be filtered to your spam or junk mail.

Employers must adhere to our Recruiting Guidelines. UW-Stout Career Services reserves the right to determine employer accounts or job postings unsuitable for students/alumni.

To ensure your employer registration is approved, review the following guidelines:

  • A thorough company description
  • If a third-party recruiter, it must be declared on the profile and on contact profiles
  • Location must include an address that is easily identifiable as a place of business (no personal addresses or P.O. Boxes, virtual spaces)
  • A functioning website/web presence that clearly relates to the employer/organization and contains helpful information about the company for the potential applicant; website should not in be in a pre-launch/beta phase nor contain “coming soon” language
  • Email address (primary for business that match the website domain, not Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc.

To ensure your job postings are approved, review the following guidelines:

  • Qualifications for full-time positions must include a degree required or preferred or equivalent experience in place of degree or valid industry license
  • Positions which charge a fee to the student will not be approved
  • Job description provided is detailed, clear, and comprehensive
  • Compensation is indicated and based on base salary (not including commission)
  • Private individuals looking to hire a nanny, daycare, tutor etc. will not be approved

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