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Campus Buildings & Parking

A blue pin indicates a Campus Building = campus building
A red pin indicates a Parking Lot = parking lot
green map marler= garden

Campus Commutor Lots

Lot 1 – North of Heating Plant307 Wilson Avenue
Lot 8 – by LST House300 Broadway St S
Lot 10 – North of Heritage Hall400 9th Ave E
Lot 14 – South of Administration800 Broadway St S
Lot 16 – SE corner of campus by Tennis courts400 18th Ave E
Lot 18 – East of Jarvis Tech Wing502 10th Ave E
Lot 20 – West of Student Health100 1st Ave W
Lot 24 – East of Heritage Hall501 10th Ave E
Lot 27 – South of General Services1000 Broadway St S
Lot 29 – East of Sports & Fitness Ctr300 13th Ave E
Lot 30 – North of University Services800 Broadway St S

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Student Residence Parking Lots

Lot 4 – West of Sports & Fitness Ctr1400 Broadway St S
Lot 9 – North Campus West of Red Cedar100 3rd Street W
Lot 11 – North Campus West of Red Cedar200 3rd Street W
Lot 15 – Gravel Lot South of Lot 17300 11th Ave W
Lot 17 – West of Lot 271000 2nd St W
Lot 21 – West of Student Health100 1st Ave W
Lot 22 – North of Swiss Miss300 1st Ave W
Lot 25 – North of JTC Hall200 Broadway St S
Lot 32 – North of Red Cedar Hall200 1st Ave W
Lot 34 – East of Applied Arts500 13th Ave E

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Campus Buildings

Building NameNumberAbbr.Address
Administration18ADMNOne Clock Tower Plaza
712 Broadway St S
Antrim-Froggatt Halls67AFH1015 3rd Street E
Applied Arts19APPA415 13th Avenue E
Bank Building0BANK200 Main Street E
Bowman Hall3BOWH802 Broadway St S
Child and Family Study Center8CFSC811 6th Street E
Communication Technologies Building46COMT825 3rd Street E
Curran-Kranzusch-Tustison-Oetting Halls69CKTO1105 3rd Street E
Fleming Hall66FLEH220 2nd Street W
Fryklund Hall2FRYH807 3rd Street E
General Services Building89GENS915 Broadway St S
Hansen-Keith-Milnes-Chinnock Halls68HKMC1215 3rd St E
Harvey Hall1HARH721 3rd Street E
Heating Plant36HPLT307 9th Avenue E
Heritage Hall (was Home Economics)10HERH415 10th Avenue E
Hovlid Hall65HOVH220 2nd Street W
Jarvis Hall Science Addition15JHSA410 10th Avenue E
Jarvis Hall Science Wing16JHSW410 10th Avenue E
Jarvis Hall Technology Wing16AJHTW410 10th Avenue E
Jeter-Tainter-Callahan Halls61JTC200 Broadway St
Louis Smith Tainter House62LSTH320 S Broadway St
McCalmont Hall67MCCH220 10th Avenue E
Memorial Student Center45MSC302 10th Avenue E
Merle Price Commons47PC1110 Broadway St S
Micheels Hall17MICH410A 10th Avenue E
North Hall72NORH124 10th Avenue E
North Point Dining and Fitness Center65BNPDFC208 2nd Street W
Red Cedar Hall63RCRH201 2nd Street W
Robert S. Swanson Library Learning Center12RSLC315 10th Avenue E
South Hall73SOUH115 13th Avenue E
Sorensen Hall
(formerly Millennium Hall)
11SORH121 10th Avenue E
Sports and Fitness Center5SFC220 13th Avenue E
Student Health Center48STHC103 1st Avenue W
University Services Building91UNVS817 Broadway St S
UW-Sprout Garden13SPRT220 4rd Street W
Vocational Rehabilitation Building7VOCR221 10th Avenue E
Wigen Hall64WIGH106 1st Avenue W
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Sport Facilities

Facility NameNumberAddress
Adventure Challenge Course931701-1799 5th St E
Alumni Field871515 2nd St W
Baseball Field921698 3rd St E
Burton E. Nelson Field861401-1499 5th St E
Don and Nona Williams Stadium851618 Broadway St S
Dunn County Rec Park (Hockey Arena)95620 17th St SE
Tennis Courts94201-499 18th Ave E
Track and Field Track961300-1498 3rd St E