Student Life in Honors

Honors College is a supportive community where you'll build lifelong friendships.
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Events and Social Life

In Honors, there's always something happening. From board games and waffle breakfasts in the Honors College lounge, to field trips and film screenings, to bingo nights hosted by the Honors College Student Council, you'll have lots of options for both academically focused events and things that are just a fun time hanging out with friends. But Honors doesn't get in the way of your other interests - most Honors students are members and leaders of all sorts of other campus organizations, sports teams, and social groups and also are able to juggle jobs and other obligations. Honors can be as big a part of your college experience as you choose.

Honors students visit art museum

Examples of Recent Honors Events

  • Field trips to Minneapolis/St. Paul to attend operas, plays, museums, jazz concerts
  • Waffle Breakfasts in the Honors lounge
  • Book talks by famous authors and poets
  • Theatre productions in the historic Mabel Tainter Theatre
  • Bike trips, hiking, snowshoeing on local and regional trails and parks
  • Film screenings and panel discussions
  • Service projects and fundraisers for local charities and organizations
  • Lunches with the Chancellor and faculty guests
  • Ugly Sweater parties, movie marathons, board game days
  • Bestow the Stole Graduation banquet
  • Honors College Student Council-led study nights and bingo
Honors Snowshoe trip

The Community that surrounds Honors is really what allows the college to be so engaging. The lengths that Honors takes to bring people together – from the living community to the various events – really helps bring its members together” - Honors student David Hillenbrand 

Field Trips and Conferences

In Honors, you'll have lots of chances to get out of town and take your learning on the road. Each semester we have field trips for courses and for Honors students to join in on, from jazz concerts to museum trips to cave exploration.  

We also regularly travel with students to regional and national Honors conferences where you can have a chance to meet students from all across the country and share your research and creative projects with them. In recent years we've traveled to New Orleans, Denver, and Seattle as well as all across the upper Midwest.

Honors student Lucas Feldkamp and Anthropology professor Tina Lee in the mountains of Colorado on a trip to the National Collegiate Honors Council conference

Food & Fun

You'll never go hungry in Honors. We love to share a meal together, and every few weeks we will have an event to stuff you full of food and snacks.  From breakfasts featuring our Captain America waffle maker and Star Wars toast, to lunches and dinners, to snack hours with a hot chocolate bar or homemade desserts, we have lots of social events to keep your energy up for studying and recharge your batteries while we play games, watch movies, or just have conversations together.

Honors Residence Life / Mackenzie Burke

Life in the Residence Halls

Honors Living & Learning Community

As a member of the Honors College, you have the option to live in the Honors Living and Learning community, which is housed in McCalmont Hall. Starting in Fall 2021 both first-year honors students and upperclassman will be housed in the same hall. Typically, about half of the incoming first-year Honors students choose the Honors residence option, which includes mentors and resources to help support your transition to college. This is a way to extend your learning community outside the classroom and get to know Honors students from programs all across campus. It's also really fun!

Students hanging out in the Honors Living and Learning Community Residence Hall / Brett Roseman