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AFM Hall Staff
AFM Hall Staff / Housing Design

Welcome to the AFM FAM! There are many benefits to living on campus and we do it all in AFM! We strive to create an academically focused, social and inclusive environment where our residents feel at home. We spend time getting to know the members of our community and provide social opportunities for residents to get to know each other as well. Our in-hall leadership team hosts floor and building-wide programs allowing for connection, education and fun! We are here to make AFM home for you!


Over 450 students call AFM their home.


Next to the Memorial Student Center.


Home to TNE Honors & split TNE/FYE students.

Room Size and Layout

The plans below show the general layout and dimensions. Individual halls vary slightly from this standard. We are unable to accommodate requests for specific room measurements. Two adjustable bed lofts are available in each room. A futon needs to be 79 inches or less to fit within the loft frame.

Antrim, Froggatt, & McCalmont Antrim & Froggatt

*Extended double rooms are the size of a triple room, they house two people with two sets of furniture.

AFM Namesake

Sara Keturah Antrim was the Director of Women's Physical Education for 28 years.

Lillian M. Froggatt served UW-Stout's Head Librarian for 32 years.

Mary McCalmont taught chemistry on campus from 1912 to 1952.