Help A Friend

If you know someone who has just been sexually assaulted, you can show your support in multiple ways.
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1. Believe And Listen

  • Start by Believing them
  • Listen – without judging
  • Let them know that you support and care about them and that they are not responsible for the incident
  • Emphasize that there is help available
  • Let them know they are not alone

2. Encourage Them To Seek Medical Attention

Mayo Clinic Health System-Red Cedar has a variety of resources, including Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE) who can collect evidence and prescribe needed treatment and/or medications.

Call: 715-235-5531 | Ask for availability.
SANE Resources

UW-Stout’s Student Health Services staff can provide a medical examination and consultation, testing for pregnancy and/or sexually transmitted diseases, and follow up as needed. SHS cannot collect forensic evidence. 

Call: 715-232-1314 

3. Refer Them To Resources And Support (Confidential)

The Bridge to Hope 
Call: 1-800-924-9918 | Available 24/7
Text: 715-505-3640 | Available 24/7

Counseling Center
Call: 715-232-2468

4. Inform Them About Reporting Options (Non-Confidential)

Reporting parties will not be charged for underage drinking if they report to law enforcement.

Title IX Coordinator/Dean of Students Office
Call: 715-232-1181

UW-Stout Police
Call: 715-232-2222 | Ext. 1

Menomonie Police
Call: 715-232-1283