Department of Chemistry and Physics

Our courses focus on the fundamental sciences that impact every aspect of our lives. Faculty have practical experience in various disciplines within the sciences.
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UW-Stout's Department of Chemistry and Physics offers applied science degrees and minors. Our courses focus on the fundamental sciences that impact every aspect of our lives. Our faculty have practical experience in various disciplines within the sciences. Majors are involved with faculty in laboratory and observational research projects.

B.S. Applied Science


  • Applied Physics (Fall 2018) 
  • Biochemistry & Molecular Biology 
  • Industrial Chemistry 
  • Interdisciplinary Science 
  • Materials & Nanoscience 

B.S. Environmental Science


  • Aquatic Biology 
  • Environmental Health 
  • Land Recourses 
  • Plant Science Innovations 
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The science departments at UW-Stout are a great place to pursue your career objectives. Here's why:

  • Academic Community - The science faculty at UW-Stout are members of an intellectually vibrant learning community that includes students, instructors, and support staff.
  • Expertise - Faculty members are dedicated to teaching excellence and the application of best practices in the classroom.
  • Support - Facilities are well-supported by internal and external grants, and professional development and student travel funds are available. The NanoSTEM initiative provides significant internal funding for new faculty and staff, and we have ready access to molecular biology, environmental sampling, clean room, neurobiology, and other analytical chemistry equipment through collaborative agreements with nearby UW system schools and support organizations such as the Integrated Solutions Consortium and NanoRite.
  • New facility - The Jarvis Hall Science Addition was opened in 2009 as part of a $43 million expansion/renovation of facilities for UW-Stout's science, technology, engineering and mathematics programs.
  • Administrative structure - The College of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Management houses the sciences and synergistic departments. Further opportunities for interdisciplinary studies are supported through the Center for Interdisciplinary Collaboration on the UW-Stout campus.
  • Interdisciplinary environment - The science departments play a crucial role in cross-disciplinary applied science, engineering, environmental science, and technology programs, and support the construction, packaging, and vocational rehabilitation programs through service courses. We also provide general education instruction for students not majoring in STEM disciplines.

The University of Wisconsin-Stout is a 2001 Baldrige Award Recipient, supporting a progressive, learning-centered, quality-based educational environment that is focused on continuous improvement. UW-Stout is a digital campus and all faculty and staff are required to use available technology in their positions including course delivery. Increasingly, courses are offered via alternative delivery methods and time frames. UW-Stout faculty members are responsible for teaching, advising, research and scholarly activity, and service. UW-Stout values diversity of people, ideas and experiences and is an equal employment opportunity/affirmative action employer. 

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