Undergraduate and Graduate Withdrawal Process

Registration and Records
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Withdrawals (dropping all classes for the term) can be completed anytime during the semester after classes begin, but must be requested before evaluation week begins (fall/spring terms only) or before the class has ended.

Withdrawal should be undertaken only after serious consideration. To ensure careful consideration of the intention to withdraw, to protect the students from the dangers which may result from failure to use the approved withdrawal procedures and to assist university officials who are concerned with withdrawals, the following procedure has been established:

  1. The student intending to withdraw from the university logs into Access Stout and electronically requests to withdraw (drop all classes) from Self Service via their Student Center.  For step-by-step instructions, click here.

  2. On completion of the withdrawal procedure, a mark of "WD" will be recorded for all courses in which a student is enrolled, if the student withdraws from the university. After the sixty-percent date (as indicated in the university calendar), students may consult with the Dean of Student's office prior to withdrawing if they wish to consult with someone.  

As a reminder, if/when you plan to return to UW-Stout, you are required to complete a Re-entry Application Form.

A checklist of things to do before leaving UW-Stout is available on the Advisement Center website. 

Withdrawal Fee

If you withdraw from the university, you will be charged a fee of $50 for a first-week withdrawal and $100 for any withdrawal during the second week.

If you leave the university without officially withdrawing as per university regulations, you will be charged the full 100% of tuition and fees due to the university. If you are able to document via the tuition appeal process that you have not attended the course (s) for which you registered (non-attendance), you will be assessed 20% of the original fees due, reduced to resident rates, and in addition to the late payment fee.