Re-entry Students

A diverse group of students who have attended UW-Stout in the past and are looking to return to complete their degree.
In this Section

Complete the following steps:

Step 1) Check your UW-Stout e-mail login and password

Step 2) Check your enrollment appointment (date you can enroll in classes)

  • Enrollment appointments are set according to earned credits. Information on how to find your enrollment date and time can be found here.

Step 3) Contact your advisor for course advisement

  • Your advisor's name can be found on your Access Stout Student Center page. If no advisor is listed or you have changed your major, contact the Advisement Center at (715) 232-1465.

  • Use the Directory on the UW-Stout homepage to look up campus addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses.

  • Your advisor may recommend that you take the University of Wisconsin Placement Tests in English and/or Mathematics. Please contact the UW-Stout Counseling Center at (715) 232-2468 to schedule placement tests.

Step 4) Complete the Fee Payment Agreement and eRefund Setup

Step 5) Enroll in classes