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people sitting around a table with laptops openRegistration is opening soon for the next Workplace Accommodations training series

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Free virtual trainings that address aspects of hiring and retaining individuals with disabilities in four key industries: manufacturing, construction, healthcare, and information technology. We cover essential topics that: 

  • Define disability
  • Identify and implement accommodations tailored to each industry
  • Identify opportunities to upskill and advance your workforce
  • Discuss strategies to backfill positions to maintain your workforce
  • Build strong employer-employee partnerships
  • Leverage support from the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR), including Business Service Consultants (BSCs)

These trainings arm participants with the knowledge and tools necessary to maximize the potential of individuals with disabilities across various sectors. Join us in creating workplaces where all employees, with or without disabilities, contribute and succeed.

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Manufacturing - On-demand training available

Image of people walking in a warehouse Title: Workplace Accommodations in Manufacturing – Attract and Retain a Quality Workforce

In today's manufacturing industry companies are increasingly recognizing the value of hiring and retaining individuals with disabilities and tapping into this wider talent pool. To support individuals effectively, it is useful to learn about the wide array of accommodations available focused on the manufacturing environment.

Access the Workplace Accommodations in Manufacturing training here

Workplace Accommodations in Manufacturing PowerPoint (PDF)

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Beth Gaertner, Director of Education, SVRI 

Brianne Warner, Assistive Technologist, SVRI 

Lynn Hardginski, Business Services Consultant, DVR  

Krissy Neyrinck, Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, DVR 


Photo of a house in the middle of constructionTitle: Workplace Accommodations in Construction – Attract and Retain a Quality Workforce

Date: Coming Soon 

This training is tailored to help construction companies hire and retain individuals with disabilities, fostering a diverse and skilled workforce. Participants will gain valuable insights into effective workplace accommodations specific to the construction field, promoting inclusivity, and maximizing productivity. Join us in creating construction environments where everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed.


Photo of outside of an emergency roomTitle: Workplace Accommodations in Healthcare – Attract and Retain a Quality Workforce

Date: Coming Soon 

Our inclusive healthcare workforce training is designed to support healthcare organizations in hiring and retaining individuals with disabilities. This specialized training equips healthcare professionals with the knowledge and tools necessary to provide effective workplace accommodations. By promoting inclusivity in the healthcare sector, we ensure that diverse talents are recognized and valued, ultimately enhancing patient care and staff satisfaction. Join us in building a healthcare workforce that reflects the diverse needs of our communities.

Information Technology

snapshot of a computer motherboardTitle: Workplace Accommodations in Information Technology – Attract and Retain a Quality Workforce

Date: Coming Soon 

This training equips information technology (IT) professionals with the knowledge and strategies needed to create accommodating work environments. By fostering inclusivity in the IT sector, we harness diverse perspectives and skills, driving innovation and success. Join us in building an IT workforce where every individual's abilities are recognized and valued.

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