New Employees

So, you're new to UW-Stout and are interested in on-campus parking.
In this Section

Here are the basics for new employees:

  • Parking Services is self-supporting, therefore we charge a fee for our services to everyone including faculty, staff, and students.
  • Parking is regulated which means that parking requires either authorization of a permit (your license plate is your permit) or payment of a pay station.
  • Parking is regulated everywhere on campus.
  • Parking is regulated throughout the entire calendar year. In other words, parking regulation is not related to the class calendar.

Your first week

We'll be happy to provide you a courtesy, one-week temporary permit to get you started. Just fill out the permit request form before you begin employment. If you're interested in purchasing a year-permit, you'll be able to stop by sometime during your first week of employment or sign into the Parking Portal to purchase the permit. This is also a good way to "try out" campus parking to determine whether you wish to purchase a permit.

Purchasing a permit

You may purchase a permit at any time during the year. There are annual or semester permit options. The usual parking contract year is mid-August to mid-August. Day, week and monthly permits are also available in the Police & Parking Services Office.

Paying for your permit

We accept all the common payment methods, however, most staff use a payroll deduction.  Deductions are taken from each paycheck from October through March. Payroll deduction is offered at renewal time thru the second week of Fall semester classes.  A 50% refund is available for full year permits during the 1st semester only.


  • Parking is regulated throughout the entire calendar year.  Parking regulation is not tied to the class schedule.
  • Regulation includes parking in a designated parking area with proper authorization or payment of the pay station.
  • Parking must be in a legal space, defined as within the striped pavement markings of an area identified as a parking lot.
  • Hours of regulation are posted at the entrance to each parking area.
  • Reserved (signed) spaces are regulated 24 hours, every day.
  • Any area not specifically signed as a parking lot is restricted to 24 hours, every day.

Where you park

Staff park in "commuter" lots, a series of lots designated for persons who live off campus. Staff and student commuters park in the same series of lots. We maintain a separate series of parking lots for students who live on campus and do not mix the commuter and housing permit series.

A commuter permit allows parking in an open space in a commuter lot but doesn't guarantee availability of a space in a specific lot. In other words, this is a campus permit and you may need to check several lots for an available space. Typically staff know which lots will have open spaces based on what time you're arriving on campus. The campus permit has the added benefit of allowing you to drive to different areas of campus if needed.

Reserved parking

Reserved parking spaces are available for staff who want the assurance of parking in a specific lot. Contact Parking Services to inquire about availability.

Disabled parking

Disabled parking is available for those who need an accessible parking space. Please note:  Staff may not use their state-issued disabled parking permit to park on campus. If you have a state-issued parking permit you must still purchase a university disabled permit.

Temporary disabled parking permits are available for temporary disabilities. If you're already a permit holder, there is no additional cost. Contact Parking Services.


Staff occasionally have the need to park briefly to load/unload. You must park legally to do so.  If you find that there isn't a convenient legal space near your loading/unloading destination you must call Parking Services to request special authorization.

Alternatives to a car/truck

  • Motorcycle/moped permits are available. If you purchase an annual commuter permit the motorcycle/moped permit is discounted.  Contact Parking Services to inquire.
  • The campus has many bicycle parking areas for those who wish to bike to campus
  • Alternative transportation incentives are available to faculty/staff if you live close to campus or have to commute

If you work atypical hours

Commuter permit lots are regulated for a valid permit from 7 AM to 4 PM, Monday through Friday and these same lots prohibit parking from 2 AM through 7 AM, Monday through Friday.  If your schedule falls within the time after 4 PM but before 2 AM, you may park in a commuter lot at no charge. If your schedule falls within the overnight prohibited times you should contact Parking Services for special instructions. You can park on campus after hours if your job requires, but you need authorization.

Parking for your guests

Faculty/staff are responsible for obtaining and communicating appropriate parking for your guests. Guest permits are available (in advance) from Parking Services and campus pay stations are good options for short-term visits.

Parking while on an off-campus trip

Students and employees who travel for University business may need to leave a personal vehicle on campus. Where you may park overnight and whether you need a special permit depends on if you are the driver or passenger of the fleet vehicle. Information here >>