Auditing Classes and Credit/No-Credit Option

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Auditing Classes 

UW-Stout Official Policy
  1. An individual must be a continuing student or have received official acceptance from the appropriate admissions office.

  2. Students interested in auditing courses must receive prior approval from the instructor of the class. Customized Instruction section courses are not permitted to audit. 

  3. Stout degree-seeking students are charged regular tuition for audited courses including special fees.

  4. It is the responsibility of the student to seek permission from the instructor and inform the Registration and Records Office using the approved form. Students should use the Add/Drop Program Card with the word "Audit" written in the permission box.

  5. Auditors must attend class but the taking of quizzes and examinations is optional.

  6. Non-degree-seeking students interested in taking "audit only" courses must receive prior approval from the instructor of the class. It is your responsibility to seek permission from the instructor and inform the Registration and Records Office you are auditing the class. The instructor is to indicate audit on the grade roster instead of assigning a grade. Wisconsin residents will be charged approximately 30 percent of the normal per credit academic fee, MN Reciprocity residents will be charged approximately 30 percent of the normal per credit Minnesota Reciprocity fee and non-residents will be charged approximately 50 percent of the normal per credit academic fee. Any special costs for course instruction, other than normal tuition, will be assessed to auditors.

  7. Audit credits are included in total credits carried in a given term.

  8. Credits taken for audit cannot be used in graduation requirements.

  9. A course which is audited may not be repeated for a grade.

  10. The Board of Regents has approved a policy allowing those over the age of 60 to audit classes on any of the UW-campuses. Go to Class Audit Policy for more information.

    Senior audits only pay for textbooks and special course fees (see Student Business Services website for fees)

    To qualify for senior audit:

    Must be 60 years old or older by the start of class. Verification of Wisconsin resident status and age will be required

    Visit our LifeLong Learning site for additional information.

    Must be in a non degree-seeking program such as undergrad special or grad special.

    All credits taken must be audited.

    International Study and Customized Instruction are not included.

    The instructor must give approval. (Approvals should only be given if there are vacancies in the class. Degree-seeking students have priority).

    Students will be charged full fees to begin with and student business services audits and manually adjusts the fees.

Audit-Only Enrollees


The academic fee charge for individuals who register for only non-credit, audit-type attendance of credit classes shall be as follows:

Wisconsin Residents: Approximately 30 percent of the normal per credit academic fee 

Minnesota Reciprocity residents:  Approximately 30 percent of the normal per credit Minnesota Reciprocity fee

Non-residents: Approximately 50 percent of the normal per credit academic fee

Subject to the institution's non-resident tuition remission authorization, the chancellor may waive the non-resident portion of the per credit charge for non-residents.

The ability of a person to register only for non-credit audit-type attendance is subject to these understandings:

  • That there be no additional classroom/laboratory space requirements or increased instructional costs resulting from the implementation of this policy;

  • That the approval of the faculty member in charge of the class must be obtained by the auditor;

  • Those auditors receive only provisional permission to attend classes until course registration is completed at the end of the add/drop period;

  • That any special costs for course instruction other than normal tuition charges be assessed auditors availing themselves of this opportunity;

  • That a student who opts to enroll on an auditor basis under this policy may not change to a credit basis during the term of enrollment;

  • Those students who later seek credit by university examination, for a course that they have audited, must be enrolled in the university at the time the examination is taken and are subject to appropriate tuition charge and special course fees;

  • That the UW System's general policy on the refund of academic fees will apply to audit fees;

  • That access for individuals who are auditors-only will be limited to the library and non-segregated fee funded activities of the student union. A special identification card would be issued the auditor permitting such access. No fee shall be charged for such access. Except for library and non-segregated fee-funded activities of the student union, auditors-only shall not be afforded any preferential access to university facilities which is not afforded to the general public.

  • That Regent, university and student government regulations applying to students apply equally to audit enrollees;

  • That the universities may determine which credit classes are open to auditors under the terms of this policy;

Degree-Seeking Students

Registration and Attendance

The University of Wisconsin - Stout allows degree-seeking students to enroll in classes for audit once they have obtained permission from the instructor to do so. These students will be required to attend the audited course, but will not be required to take quizzes and examinations. Please review the policy above carefully for degree-seeking students.


Tuition is assessed on a per-credit basis. Degree-seeking students will be charged the same per-credit price for audited credits as is charged for degree credits.

For more per-credit fee information, contact Student Business Services.

Credit/No-Credit Option

Credit/No-Credit Option

The Credit/No Credit (CR/NC) credit option may be elected by students who wish to explore content outside their field of study without jeopardizing their grade point average. The appropriate standards for CR/NC will be determined by the instructor of the course. The student must file the approval form for the CR/NC option with the Registrar during the course add period. The program director must sign the approval form for the CR/NC option. Courses for which the CR/NC option is elected may be applied to an undergraduate degree at the option of the program director.

A course for which the student has elected the CR/NC option and in which the student received the mark "NC" may not be repeated with the CR/NC option. The marks of "CR" and "NC" are not used in calculating the grade point average. For the mark of "CR," credit hours are recorded and apply to the undergraduate degree if approved by the program director. For the mark "NC," no credit hours are calculated into the grade point average. A student may elect to receive a mark of "CR" or "NC" for a maximum of 10 percent of the courses in an undergraduate degree, but for no more than one course in any term.

The choice to receive a mark of "CR" or "NC" for a course, once approved, is irreversible.