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2018 Cabot Executive in Residence

Denise CooganDenise Coogan, REM, CHMM

Manager of Environmental Partnerships
Subaru of America, Inc.

Mark your calendar for the opportunity to engage with 2018 Cabot Executive in Residence, Denise Coogan. Join us as we interact with Ms. Coogan to hear her message surrounding the social and financial benefits of embracing sustainability practices, women in leadership, cultural sensitivity and the national parks project. In addition, we will engage to share best practices surrounding her experiences and initiatives at UW-Stout, including our dedication to sustainability efforts.



October 23, 2018

3:00 - 4:30 PM: WWHEL/Women of Stout gathering at Raw Deal

October 24, 2018

10:10 - 11:30 AM: Keynote Presentation at the Memorial Student Center.
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11:30 AM - 4:30 PM: Classroom Presentations, Campus Engagements and Tours

October 25, 2018

8:30 AM - 5:35 PM: Classroom Presentations, Campus Engagements and Tours

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Wednesday, October 24, 10:10-11:30 am
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2018 Keynote: Building Momentum for Success in the Face of Adversity

Building momentum for any major initiative requires strong leadership, energy and focus.  When cultural and gender-related adversity are added to the mix, exemplary courage and competence are critical to building momentum around you to experience success.  Denise Coogan experienced this journey and will share her story surrounding her success at Subaru on notable projects including the Zero Landfill Initiative and the National Park Service Project.  As a woman in the male-dominated industry and Japanese-owned company, she made it happen ahead of schedule. Learn how she did it. Don’t miss Ms. Coogan’s keynote at the 2018 Cabot Executive in Residence to learn about the essentials of obtaining buy-in and support, and the dynamics surrounding her experiences. 

Professional Profile: Denise Coogan

Denise Coogan (MA in Sustainable Development/Policy) is Environmental Partnership Manager at Subaru of America and is recognized as a leading zero landfill expert. She leads the company’s external environmental and sustainability programs, which include Subaru’s initiative to bring zero landfill to the national parks. 

During her tenure at Subaru Indiana Automotive as Safety and Environmental Compliance Manager, Denise headed the plant’s zero landfill effort, which was achieved with the last waste shipment going to the landfill in May 2004. Because of her efforts, SIA is one of the most environmentally friendly auto manufacturing facilities in the world. Throughout her time at SIA, Denise advised more than 800 corporations on how to implement zero landfill best practices in their respective facilities.

Denise holds professional certifications as a Registered Environmental Manager (REM) and a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM).  Her master’s thesis laid out the path a company needs to take to achieve zero landfill. 

UW-Stout alumnus Scott Cabot and Chancellor Bob Meyer meeting with guests before the dedication of the wall of honor. / UW-Stout

Past Cabot Executive in Residence Speakers

2017 - Todd Wanek, President & CEO Ashley Furniture

Todd WanekThe seeds of Todd Wanek’s passion for furniture were planted in the mid-1980s. During high school and college, Todd worked in all aspects of the business including shipping, production line, machine maintenance, product design and engineering, finance, and global sourcing.

Shortly after graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Stout, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Technologies, he moved to Asia to serve as the general manager of Ashley Furniture Industries Taiwan. He continued to live and work in Asia from 1989- 1993, establishing and managing Ashley Furniture Industries business development in China, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, and Indonesia.

Todd returned to the U.S. in 1994, spearheading the purchase of an upholstered furniture manufacturing operation in Ecru, MS. At that time he assumed responsibility for Ashley Furniture Industries upholstery production as well as the company’s growing international operations. Two years later, Todd Wanek was promoted to Ashley Furniture Industries President and Chief Operations Officer, assuming responsibility for all of Ashley Furniture Industries worldwide operations.

By 1999, Ashley Furniture Industries was a major player in almost every product category and one of the best marketers in the furniture industry. Just three years later, Todd succeeded his father to become Ashley Furniture Industries Chief Executive Officer, a position he holds today. Todd is widely considered the industry’s foremost authority on international trade, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution.

Todd, through his leadership and vision, has been responsible for Ashley Furniture Industries sustained growth since he became CEO in 2002. Staying true to Ashley Furniture Industries vision, “We want to be the best furniture company, ” Todd continues to cultivate the company’s continuous improvement culture. Todd’s passion for improving Ashley Furniture Industries operations, products, and services is unrelenting to this day, positioning the company for continued growth into the future.

2016 - Dale Evans, President EVCO Plastics

Dale EvansDale Evans, President of EVCO Plastics since 1991, earned his Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology from the University of Wisconsin Stout in 1973. His studies concentrated on Product Development, which was of particular interest to Dale. Since Dale took over running the day-to-day operations from his father, Don Evans, in 1981 EVCO has increased from 2 plants to 9 plants. He started a joint venture in China in 1987 and formed a joint venture in Mexico in 2001. Over the years, Dale has served on a number of different boards and committees in the community. They include the Advisory Board for the DeForest High School, Head of the Referendum Committee for the new DeForest Middle School, DeForest Area Chamber of Commerce Board Member, Member of the Optimist Club, Member of the Society of Plastic Engineers, Gold Metal Wrestling Club, Wrestling Coach for over 40 years, member of The Executive Committee (TEC) and board member for WMC (Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce). 

Company Background:
EVCO Plastics was founded in 1964 by Don and Joan Evans, and operations began in the basement of the family home in Windsor, Wisconsin. Today, EVCO Plastics has 9 facilities in 3 different countries. EVCO Plastics provides a diverse array of products and services around the world. We’re involved in custom injection molding, product design and engineering and mold construction. EVCO Plastics has become a leader in the plastics industry and was awarded the 2015 Plastic Processor of the Year Award from Plastics News. Today, EVCO has over 1,000 employees. Over the years, EVCO has produced over 4,000 different products and has gained recognition for many product creations. We have earned a reputation for product quality, engineering excellence and timely product delivery. Our success is attributed to our employee’s commitment to continuous improvement and our willingness to undertake difficult molding projects that others consider impossible to produce.

2015 - Shelly Ibach, President and CEO of Select Comfort

CEO discusses transformation of Select Comfort at Cabot event
2014 - 30th Anniversary Celebration

Major General Marcia M. Anderson, U.S. Army
Brian Colianni, Director, Global Business Strategy, Ford Motor Company
Mark T. Hubler, President, U.S. Wine & Spirits, Open States & National Accounts, Diageo, plc
Richard A. Pollock, President & CEO, Comprehensive Loss Management, Inc.

2013 - 1984 Cabot Executives

2013 – Kelly Matter, President, Resource, Inc.

2012 – William Hendricksen – CEO, Lineage Logistics, LLC

2011 – Stephen Marcus – CEO, Marcus Corporation

2011 – Joe Pregont, CEO Prent Corporation

2010 – William Flesch, Executive Vice-President, Gordon Flesch Company, Inc.

2009 – 25th Anniversary Celebration
Jake Leinenkugel – Leinenkugel Brewing Co.
John Leinenkugel – Leinenkugel Brewing Co.
Dick Leinenkugel, Secretary of Commerce, State of Wisconsin
Gail Prock - CEO, Pine Harbor Holding Co.

2008 – Robyn Waters, Trendmaster, President, RW Trend, LLC

2007 – World Presidents’ Organization:
John Thysell
Erv Kamm
Steve Erickson
Nick Linsmayer
Hal Wilson
Jay Townsend
Christopher (Kit) Dahl
Brian Colianni, Senior Vice-President, Sales & Marketing, Ford Motor Company

2006 – Claudia Knowlton-Chike, Director of Strategy & Business Operations, Motorola

2005 – Kevin Wilde, Chief Learning Of cer, General Mills, Inc.
Dan Ariens, President & CEO, Ariens Company

2004 – Mary Jurmain, President, Realityworks

20th Anniversary of the Cabot Executive in Residence
Those returning were:
David Konkol, Konkol Homes – Cabot Executive, 1993
Mr. Erv Kamm, Pacal, LLC – Cabot Executive, 2002
Steve Hoisington, Johnson Controls, Inc. – Cabot Executive, 2003
Roy Bauer, PEMSTAR, Inc – Cabot Executive, 1991
Mark Burwell, Urban Hope Entrepreneur Center – Cabot Executive, 1993

2003 – Steve Hoisington, Vice-President of Quality, Johnson Controls, Inc

2002 – Ervin Kamm, President & CEO, Paper, Calmenson & Co.

2002 - Dwight Davis, CEO, Greenheck Fan Co.

2000 – Robert Kierlin, CEO, Fastenal Company

1999 – Margery Hughes,President & COO, LifeUSA – Holding, Inc.

1998 – Paul Baszucki, Norstan, Inc.

1995 – Mary Carter, Honeywell, Inc.

1995 – Sue M. Cox, McDonald’s Corp.

1993 – Mark Burwell, Putzers Menswear
1993 – David Konkol, President, David Konkol Homes, Inc.

1991 – Roy Bauer, IBM Corp.

1990 – Benjamin A. Miller, President, RTP Company

1989 – Richard Knowlton, President, George A. Hormel & Co.

1988 – Onthon Ruiz, Visa Group

1987 – C.R. Whitney, Allen Bradley

1985 – John D. Debbink, General Motors Corp.
1985 – Burnell Roberts, Mead Corp.

1984 – William Norris, President, Control Data Corp.