University Policies

 Revised (5/13/87)

Faculty and Staff Responsibilities

F7.2 Contractual Obligations of Unclassified Personnel

(Faculty, Academic Staff, Limited Appointments)

(Approved by the Chancellor July 20, 1984; Approved by the Faculty Senate 1986)

From the Faculty/Academic Staff/Limited Appointees Handbook, Chapter IIIA (Personnel Rules for All Unclass Personnel) [PDF - requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader]:

    In fulfilling their contractual obligations, unclassified personnel will perform the tasks designated in their position descriptions, adhere to time (day and hour) and meeting place as indicated in the university calendar and class schedule, attend appropriate meetings, maintain and be available for posted or published office hours, appropriately use assigned university facilities, and comply with related university regulations.

    When a member of the unclassified staff finds it necessary to be briefly absent from assigned university duties, appropriate coverage by a colleague may be arranged by the member, provided that the department chair/administrator is informed of the arrangement. Under certain circumstances, other appropriate coverage will be arranged with the approval of the department chair/ administrator. If the unclassified person cannot find an appropriate colleague to fulfill the assignment, the department chair/administrator will make other arrangements. Longer term absences, requiring the hiring of substitutes and/or the canceling of classes or closing of an office will be the prerogative and responsibility of the department chair/administrator.

    Procedures for the implementation of this policy are the responsibility of the chair/administrator and the faculty of the separate departments or their functional equivalents.

English Department Policy on Contractual Obligations

The English Department recognizes the value of small-group conferences as an aid to the teaching of writing. Instructors wishing to depart from the above university policy should seek the approval of the department chair and provide the department office with a syllabus listing conference dates and times.

Definitions of Teaching, Research, and Service

Definition of Teaching, Scholarly Activity, and Service, Policy No. 85-40 - October 1, 1985