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Are you a writer, editor or social media enthusiast?
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Are you a writer, editor or social media junkie? A Bachelor of Science degree from UW-Stout in Professional Communication and Emerging Media (PCEM) offers a variety of career paths for people who are interested in creating and delivering content that is tailored to specific audiences.

The core of our program includes courses in:

  • Document Design
  • Convergent Communication
  • Usability Design and Testing
  • Digital Storytelling
  • Writing for the Internet
  • Transnational Professional Communication
  • Foreign Language/Global Experience

Three Concentrations:

  • Technical Communication: hands-on experience in cutting-edge technologies such as usability design, content management, multimedia production and project management.
  • Applied Journalism: prepares you for the new age in journalism by exploring multimedia, interactivity and content repurposing.
  • Digital Humanities: skills you need to recognize trends in technology and understand how technology affects the way people communicate, interact and comprehend the world.

Communication is everywhere. Whether you’re reading a website, texting your friends, speaking with your boss, sending an e-mail or writing a paper, you are engaged in communication. It is one of the most important skills you can develop in the Information Age – and it can be a great career track. Do you want to be on the cutting edge?

Students design Harvey Hall digital 3D model, interactive game

A group of University of Wisconsin-Stout students has been busy preserving the history of Harvey Hall as it undergoes a $28 million renovation.
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Get Your PCEM Degree Online

Whether you aspire to be a technical writer, content manager, journalist, or copy editor, this fully online bachelor’s degree offers you the flexibility to combine your professional competencies with communication skills.

Online Program Highlights

  • Courses delivered 100% online by full-time faculty
  • Consistent Fall, Spring, and Summer program course offerings
  • Support from Adult Student Services Coordinators and Distance Librarians
  • Degree completion in as little as two years

Our full-time tenured or tenure-track program faculty have worked to create an enhanced learning environment that provides you with multiple opportunities to plan, create, and produce content in written and interactive media.
In the Applied Communication concentration, you’ll learn to write effectively for a variety of audiences, apply user-centered design strategies, and produce real projects for real clients, giving you a print and digital work portfolio to impress any prospective employer.

Online Costs, Application and Transfer Information 

UW-Stout's online Bachelor of Science degree in Professional Communication and Emerging Media with an Applied Communication concentration prepares you for a rewarding career using the latest technologies and media for modern communications.


  •  $406 per undergraduate credit — customized instruction rate.

Financial Aid

Students who are attending another institution, but are planning to receive their degree from UW-Stout, may be eligible to receive aid from UW‐Stout. In these cases, UW‐Stout is considered the Home Institution and the other campus is considered the Visiting Institution.


To apply for the online Bachelor of Science degree in Professional Communication and Emerging Media – Applied Communications concentration, you need to apply to UW-Stout.

Transfer Students

Note: When filling out the application form, be sure to make a note in the student comment section that you intend to apply to the "online program." 

The Bachelor of Science degree in Professional Communication and Emerging Media prepares you to enter a dynamic and growing profession where your opportunities are endless. / UW-Stout
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