B.S. Video Production

Learn to create and edit video and media in a team environment.
Degree Type Bachelor of Science
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UW-Stout's new B.S. Video Production (VP) program will provide you with the skills necessary to pursue a career in rapidly-expanding fields related to the creation and presentation of video/media for non‐broadcast, online/multi‐channel media distribution such as social media, training, and education, and digital display content. We will teach you the technical knowledge and skills necessary to create finished still and video/media products, under the guidance of producers and directors.

Created by students collaborating across three classes and supported by Canon USA / Made at Stout

The above video and four others highlight some of the great opportunities available to Stout students in the BS Video Production program. Every aspect of the videos—shots, scripting, interviews, b-roll and motion graphics—was completely generated by the students.

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Our experienced faculty will introduce you to industry-standard software and hardware for digital image capture, editing, and compositing. Hands-on learning in the studio and on location emphasizes creative and critical thinking skills, principles of visual literacy, technical processes of video/media technologies, and the planning and management of video/media production.

"As a kid, I always loved movies, and going to UW-Stout has really helped me work towards making my own. Whether that be creative or commercial work, I feel that Stout can help you get there, especially with all the hands-on training. Best of all, you’ll make connections, which are the most important part of video production."

-- Simon Anderson
B.S. Video Production

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The B.S. Video Production program is a collaboration between the Communication Technologies department and the School of Art and Design. This interdepartmental approach empowers you to combine elements of creative storytelling with the digital technologies used in commercial videos, short documentaries, and narrative films.

In a team environment, you'll learn how to direct, shoot and finish professional-quality projects. The Video Production curriculum will take you from the basics to more advanced courses. Here are some of the areas you'll study: 

  • Video
  • Lighting
  • Audio
  • Digital Imaging
  • Conceptual Storytelling
  • Editing
  • Studio Production
  • Motion Graphics
  • Digital Cinematography
  • Sound Design
  • Scriptwriting

Once you learn how to operate the latest digital video equipment and associated computer programs, our faculty recommend that you participate in an internship, though this is not a requirement for your degree. Through an internship you can gain skills and real world experience that will excel you in your career after graduation. Our faculty are here to help mentor and guide you with internship placement with a successful company. 

Video Production Program Advisory Committee

Program Advisory Committee

Keif Oss Assistant Professor UW-Stout
Jonny Wheeler Lecturer UW-Stout
Michael Heagle Assistant Professor UW-Stout
Co O'Neill Lecturer UW-Stout
Matt Wysocki Instrumentation Technologist UW-Stout
Patrick  Pierson Director / Cinematographer Independent
Alan Lloyd Videographer Independent
Brett Schnacky Creative Director, Director/DP/Editor Shinebox
Jim Martin Director of Operations Spot
Chaddix Malchow Partner / Post Direction Current Resident
Martin Nilsen Manger of Photo/Video Lippert
Ahron Turk Operations Technician WISC-TV
Kyle Franke Owner Franke Pictures
Christina Pearson Producer Rally Studios
Blain Traughber Editor / Videographer Bulkreefsupply.com
Lisa Gualtieri-Alford Account Manager, Stratgeic Relationships Canon USA
Dirk Fletcher Specialist, Pro-Market Canon USA

Video Production

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