Journalism Minor

Department of English and Philosophy
Degree Type Minor
Careers and Salary Career Outcomes
Delivery On Campus
"Journalism is literature in a hurry."
- Matthew Arnold (1822-1888)

Students with a journalism background often become reporters, editors, public relations practitioners, food writers, sports information directors, researchers or teachers. The skills gained in journalism classes, such as writing, editing, information gathering and critical thinking apply to many career fields. Writers must possess an inexhaustible fountain of curiosity and an ability to express ideas. Studying journalism will help you communicate your discoveries. It can also enhance fields involving public communication.

A recent national survey showed that there were at least two job offers for each journalism graduate. The study also found that graduates who chose journalism jobs in 2000 had a high level of job satisfaction.


Minor Requirements

Minors are defined as either “studies in the discipline” or as “teaching.” 
Required Courses