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This minor introduces students to concepts crucial to the study and application of knowledge in the field of women and gender studies as they enter a highly competitive job market. 

Minor recipients will be able to apply and articulate interdisciplinary knowledge specific to women and gender studies such as social construction of gender and interaction with race, ethnicity, class, sexuality, disability and age. The program encourages students to take responsibility for their learning and think critically and creatively in their dialogue with others. 

The curriculum includes courses that bring racism, classism, homophobia, and other vectors of women’s oppression into focus. Students will re-examine traditional ideas about gender roles and identities, learn about women’s experiences and contributions across cultures, communities, and historical periods, develop analytical skills demanded by 21st century work places, and become better prepared for cultural, community, and employment settings across the world.


Minor Requirements

Minors are defined as either “studies in the discipline” or as “teaching.” 
Required Courses

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Select a field below and learn how a Women and Gender Studies minor could enhance your career preparation:

Applied Science and Mathematics

Historically, the number of women who have pursued careers in mathematics and science is low. However, research suggests the presence of women in these fields is on the rise.

A minor in Women and Gender Studies can help balance gender inequalities within mathematics and science. The minor would provide a well-rounded education to people of any gender in the field, while enforcing the student's philosophical and critical thinking skills.

More specifically, the minor would serve anyone considering a career in research or the medical field. Studying gender issues can help a professional understand the gender issues within the workplace, especially among patients and clients.

Many of the credits found within the minor can be counted towards meeting general education requirements. Elective courses within the minor such as Human Sexual Biology and Psychology of Women, may appeal to students in the math and science disciplines due to the courses foundations in science and critical thinking. The only required course of the minor is Intro to Women and Gender Studies.

Art and Design

A minor in Women and Gender Studies can be very beneficial for those in Art and Design majors. While artwork transforms over the years, so has the idea of women. Knowing the changes of how women are viewed and evolved throughout history will impress any prospective employer. The art world especially, is constantly changing the shape and form of females artwork. Taking the classes for the minor can help create paintings that can encompass many aspects of a specific era, or femininity. 

Some of the classes offered for the minor can meet requirements for general education credits or credits toward an Art and Design major. A class such as Women in Art History is needed in order to meet the major requirement. Many of the classes for the minor meet general education requirements. There are many courses to choose from that vary in content. Not all of the classes are specifically about women and their role in history. It can range from an individual woman in history to family studies. Both men and women can enjoy the courses.

As an Art and Design major one of your main goals is to communicate to the viewer. Whether that viewer is male or female the classes offered in the minor can help inspire new and innovative ideas. 

Employers are constantly looking for well rounded employees. The minor shows prospective employers that you are a diverse person. Classes such as Multicultural Philosophy and Interpersonal Effectiveness will help employers see you as a cultured person.

Construction and Engineering

In recent years, there has been a rise in the number of women working in the fields of construction and engineering. A minor in Women and Gender Studies helps students gain a well-rounded education and prepares them for careers in their perspective fields.

This minor can help balance gender inequalities within the engineering and manufacturing field. With knowledge of gender issues, professionals will be more adept at identifying the gender-related problems within their field and addressing them in a professional manner.

The courses in the minor offer students experience with philosophical and critical thinking; crucial to providing balanced knowledge to anyone pursuing a career in any field.

Many of the credits found within the minor can be counted towards meeting general education requirements. Elective courses within the minor such as Women and Minorities in Management and Workplace and the Family, may appeal to students in the construction and engineering disciplines due to the courses foundations in working within diverse environments. The only required course of the minor is Intro to Women and Gender Studies.


Students looking to pursue a career in education will want to be self-confident, inquisitive, and thoughtful after finishing their studies at UW Stout. It will be necessary to be committed and competent when teaching in a wide variety of settings in today's contemporary society. As students prepare to assume professional roles in schools, libraries, and other learning based outlets, they will need to understand educational issues from a global and cultural perspective. By adding a minor in Women and Gender Studies, students can go a long way in enhancing that understanding.

The minor allows students to explore courses from a wide variety of disciplines including history, biology, philosophy and family issues. Encouraging skills in critical thinking and communication, the courses offered prepare students to be educators of the world as they examine how the globe is affected by gender, sexuality, sexual orientation, race, class and worldwide differences.

The courses in the minor are designed to assist in learning, while offering a broad intellectual base for valuing life and exploring ideas. The minor covers issues such as race, class and sexuality while providing knowledge on gender issues that fulfill an increasing demand for such familiarity in a wide variety of educational professions.

Food Science and Technology

The food industry is our nation's largest business. Students graduating with a degree in Food Science and Technology are expected to service facilities of any type, located anywhere. Being customer service oriented, employees in the Food Science field must be knowledgeable on the differences among genders, cultures and classes to accommodate the needs of customers. A minor in Women and Gender Studies will broaden student's outlook and better prepare them for the work force.

Since the minor is an interdisciplinary program, it offers courses focusing on cultural matters such as gender, race, ethnicity, class and sexual orientation. The minor will put student's one step closer to finding a job. An education which has emphasized the impact of societal roles and changes throughout history will be appealing to potential employers looking for someone with a thorough understanding of interpersonal communications.

Examples of classes within the minor that would interact well with the Food Systems major are Sociology of Gender Roles; People, Process, and Culture; Women and Minorities in Management; and Multiculturalism: Issues and Perspectives.


A minor in Women and Gender Studies can be practical to many careers in management. Being able to identify cultural and gender differences can go a long way when it comes to policy and decision making. Offering courses in philosophy, history and management the minor provides any student the extra knowledge and skills needed to stand out and think more globally than other job applicants. By developing perspectives and strategies through the investigation of past experiences, you will develop the skills to help you and your employer succeed when looking for ways to address women's issues such as sexual harassment, parental leave, pay equity and equal employment.

With an ever growing population of women's agencies and organizations, there is a great demand for employees with specializations in the minor. Graduates are finding more companies looking for individuals with an understanding of how gender affects both our perceptions and expectations of others. Employers realize that gender influences human opinion and experience. Today, the workforce is tremendously diverse, and a well rounded understanding of gender and gender issues can improve your chances of finding work in a variety of management fields.

More Information by Field

Select a field below and learn how a Women and Gender Studies minor could enhance your career preparation:

Retail Merchandising and Apparel Design

A minor in Women and Gender Studies is beneficial to students majoring in Retail Merchandising and Apparel Design. Classes like Women in Art History and Sociology of Gender Roles can aid in creating new designs, or finding the right product for the customer. Today, employers are looking for someone that can think outside the box and be an asset to the company.

As a buyer, management, fashion marketing, or human resource management major, it is vital to understand all people you will be working with. The minor will provide an understanding for people from all different ends of the spectrum. The classes for the minor will broaden your mind and make it much easier to work with all types of people.

Retail Merchandising and Apparel Design are customer centric fields. Employers are looking for someone that understands each spectrum so well that they know their customer's wants and needs before the customer does.

Looking at how female and male fashion evolved through the ages can help to inspire for new ideas. Staying ahead of the curve by bringing out old fashions in a new and innovative way can help you, as a designer, stay on top. An understanding of how men and women function, both at home and at work can help you find or design the best product for them.
Times are rapidly changing. New ideas about sexuality and gender help shape the world we currently live in. Knowing more about these issues will increase your chance of getting a job in the workplace.