Summer Session Appointments

 Revised (7/76; 12/77)

The appointment of department members to Summer Session Appointments will be governed by the following guidelines:

    1.  The needs of the students for courses.
    2.  The qualifications of the applicants for teaching these courses.
    3.  The needs of the University.
    4.  The principle of distribution:
         a.  Rotation of department members
               i.  Considerations 1, 2, and 3 above being relevant
              ii.  First preference should be given to department members who have not taught in preceding summers. First year teachers are understood to rank below all returning teachers by this standard. Secondly, department members on tenure track or who have taught at least two years on full-time yearly contracts should be given preference over those with semester or part-time contracts.
             iii.  Academic qualifications should be a significant factor in determining number of summer school appointments given over a period of years.
              iv.  In order that department members may make use of summers according to individual taste, every effort should be made to permit alternation of appointments according to the member's qualifications and wishes. For example, a member may wish to be considered for two classes one summer and none the following summer instead of one class for each of two summers.
         b.  Prospective members should be informed that summer appointments are not guaranteed.
         c.  Other alternative opportunities to be used to the full are Curriculum Improvement Grants, Teacher Improvement Leaves, Research Grants, Workshops and experimental re-scheduling of Summer Session courses.
         d.  The chair should also consider special staffing problems.