Staff Committee Responsibilities

Revised (3/2017)

The Staff Committee should:

    A.   Be consulted on all individual cases involving:
           a.   Promotion.
           b.   Tenure.
           c.   Retention.
           d.   Summer school appointments.
           e.   Hiring.
            f.   Grievances of department members.

    B.    Have the right to express dissenting opinions about any recommendations concerning promotion, tenure, retention, merit raises, summer school appointments, hiring, disputes concerning course scheduling and grievances of department members the department chair proposes to send to the administration--such dissenting opinions to be included by the chair along with his own recommendation. In cases involving dissenting opinions concerning performance evaluation ratings or retention recommendations, the department chair should notify the staff committee chair, who will meet with the department member and the department chair to share the staff committee's recommendation. This meeting will be held by the end of the semester in which the recommendation is made or as soon as possible thereafter.

As stated in the English and Philosophy Department bylaws, An English and Philosophy department member can only be elected to serve for two consecutive terms on the Staff Committee. Once a department member has served his/her two consecutive terms in full, s/he will not be placed on the Staff Committee ballot for the subsequent year.