Independent Study Guidelines

College of Arts and Sciences

Follow the listed steps in order properly submit an Independent Study Form. The undergraduate and graduate forms can be found on the CAHSS homepage. 

1. Students seeking independent study credits should secure the Undergraduate Independent Study Application Form from the office of the Associate Dean.

2. If not previously done, the student should then see the chairperson of the department in which the work is to be completed. This person will direct the student to an appropriate independent study coordinator.

3. The student then takes the completed form to the instructor for review and signature.

4. The form is then returned to the appropriate department chairperson for his/her approval.

5. Finally the student submits the signed application form to the Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences for final approval and transmission to the Registrar.

6. Some general guidelines:

  • An independent study should not normally be allowed to substitute for a scheduled course.
  • It is an advantage to register all independent studies as early in the semester as possible.
  • Complete Section II, A through D, of the Undergraduate Independent Study Application Form, in enough detail to allow a novice to understand the project.
  • Each credit should be awarded upon the expending of approximately 40 hours of work toward the achievement of the stated learning objectives.
  • In signing the form, the instructor commits him/herself to working with the students toward the achievement of the stated learning objectives and to the evaluation of the experience in light of these objectives.