Enduring Goals

Similar to our mission, vision and values these goals serve to guide UW-Stout's past, present and future direction.
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Student Success

Offer high quality, challenging academic programs that influence and respond to a changing society.

  • Ready | Our focus on preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s jobs means many of our degrees are unique to Stout.
  • InnovativeOur Advisory Committees, which include employers and alumni, infuse all our programs with real-world expertise.
  • In DemandOur well-prepared graduates are in high-demand – 98.7% are employed or continuing their education.

Preserve and enhance our educational processes through the application of active learning principles.

  • Hands-On | A 3:1 lab-to-classroom ratio reflects our focus on hands-on learning.
  • Applied Learning | All programs require an applied-learning experience – where students solve real-world problems.
  • ConnectedSmall class sizes maximize learning and ensure students & instructors get to know one another.

Provide responsive, efficient, and cost-effective educational support programs and services.

  • Engaged | Our grants and Student Jobs Program promote student research and engagement.
  • Prepared | Our commitment to meeting student and employer expectations drives lab & facility renovation.
  • GuidedOur expert advisors and support staff help ensure students succeed in school and the workplace.

Photo of students working in chemistry lab  Photo of student presenting work at SOAD Senior Show

Talent Development

Promote excellence in teaching, research, scholarship and service.

  • Supported | Workshops and “faculty-start-up” funds ensure new instructors get the support they need to succeed.
  • FundedOur Fellows programs and grants support research and increase job satisfaction.
  • SkilledWith a focus on continual improvement, our instructors are always learning and innovating.

Photo of instructor teaching faculty  Photo of Food Science lab  

Welcoming Environment

Recruit and retain a diverse university population.

  • Welcoming | UW-Stout continues expanding recruitment efforts toward diverse student and employee populations.
  • Global |  Our students and employees come from across the nation and across the globe.
  • Valued | We strive to create a supportive environment that increases recruitment and retention of high-quality faculty and staff.

Foster a collegial, trusting and inclusive campus climate.

  • Inclusive | Stout values an environment that is inclusive to all campus members.
  • Aware |  Development opportunities enhance personal awareness and create a more welcoming environment.
  • PersonalStout fosters an environment where each person's potential is maximized, and opportunities for learning are promoted for all employees.
  • InvolvedDecisions are based on participatory processes where everyone has a voice.

Photo of students talking at the Fireside Cafe  Photo of International Students in parade with flags  

Sustainable Campus

Provide an environmentally sustainable campus that includes safe, accessible, effective, efficient and inviting physical facilities.

  • Leaders | Our effective energy-reduction, waste reduction, and recycling programs make us a leader in the UW System and the nation.
  • Stewards |  The campus and community benefit from the efforts of our conservation-minded faculty, staff, and students.
  • Green | We continually add renewable energy projects and green elements to our buildings and campus.

Photo of students working at UW Sprout garden  Photo of student at bike maintenance station