Visioning Session

What will UW-Stout and our programs look like in 10 years?
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UW-Stout prides itself on an inclusive, collaborative, and innovative strategic planning process that incorporates multiple opportunities for input and review. Every 10 years, we start a new strategic cycle. Our current cycle—FOCUS|2030—began in 2020 and will strategically guide the university until 2030.

Chancellor Katherine P. Frank talks about the significance of your involvement in the FOCUS 2030 Visioning Session. / UW-Stout

We invited UW-Stout stakeholders—including local leaders, employers, and alumni—to join us remotely on July 21, 2020, to help ensure we are on a path to continuing success and improvement. They shared their ideas and insights to help focus our vision and answer questions like: Should we retain a more traditional model of higher education or move dramatically to a more entrepreneurial, collaborative and market-sensitive model?


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The Visioning Session took place July 21, 2020.
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Program & Speakers

An overview of the Visioning Session agenda with speaker bios.
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