Kurt Newhall

Student Artist-in-Residence 1990-91
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Artist Statement

Learn to Forget
                            Learn to Forget


My original intention to illustrate the various aspects of technology and its uses in society today was initially a good starting point, yet would have become an incomplete process if it had been carried through. If one composition were to address the problem of deforestation, and another dealing with pollution, or another depicting the homeless, the process would be endless and I don't feel the impact would have been so strong.

Our government's recent actions and the American people's somewhat typical response to the crisis in the Middle East have allowed me to directly and indirectly center five of the six pieces around one general theme: War. War as a transition, as a solution, as an end. I would hope that none of these images would lend itself to just one explanation, but would instead encompass a variety of experiences to the viewer.