Pamela Carlson

Student Artist-in-Residence 1992-93
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Artist Statement


Technology has been defined as "anything that helps people get a job done more efficiently." That is simple to see in cars and computers, but an object doesn't have to be plugged in or gassed up to be a feat of technology. A simple ceramic mug is an example of this in that it allows you to drink your coffee without having to cup your hands and dip them into the pot. It also has been designed to fit comfortably to your lips, not to drip, to be light-weight, and to hold the appropriate coffee serving.

Alas, most people take their beautiful coffee mug for granted, not realizing what a remarkable object it is and how lucky they are to possess it.

In these pieces, I have tried to point out the functional aspects of a few commonly used objects by distorting their most functional qualities. The goblets' stems are frisky and threaten to spill wine, and the teapots' proud spouts adamantly refuse to pour. However, by trying to show the viewer how full of technology these pieces are, I have rendered them non-functional. This brings out the true beauty of the work, that is, the pure beauty of function.