Robyn May

Student Artist-in-Residence 1991-92
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Paper History
                      Paper History
Computer Graphics

This is the era of the computer which in this field leads to much controversy in many cases. People in the Graphic Design area are arguing about the extent to which the computer can be used and who should be using it. These arguments are legitimate in the sense that it could possibly create an overabundance of poor design and less 'Design' oriented jobs. The computer does have its draw-back and limitations and the more involved a person gets with the systems the more exclusive things seem to be, however it is one of the most efficient means of communication and if used as an end tool instead of the sketch board, it can offer so much more to design. When I began this endeavor I had very little experience on the computer but this project has helped me gain an understanding of computers that I would not otherwise have. The number of programs and color output systems that I have dealt with have given me valuable experience and helped me grow to be a more fluent designer. This opportunity has come at a perfect time for me because I have had time to experiment with type and design before using the computer. This creates a balance that brings art and technology together. It's important to have a solid base of design before getting involved with computers otherwise it's too easy to design within the limitations of the computer instead of pushing the computer to do more to aid the initial design concept. It is my hope that these posters generate interest in design as well as the technology that helped produce them and make people aware that technological advancement in design processes can also help the environment. My main intent for the viewer is to experience a different kind of art. These posters are to serve as informative pieces and to function as works of art. Each person who looks at these posters will see something different and will hopefully walk away having learned something new. The relationship of art to technology is one that can take many routes - but to bring them together as equals is the most difficult. My original intent was to create a line of product packages that would reflect the evolution of typography and address the current issues on recycling. These packages were to be produced via the computer which would bring the theme of art and technology into play with the sub-themes of recycling and type. This proved to be more complicated and far too in-depth for practical application and was therefore altered to better accommodate the time allotted. My original theme of recycling is being used but to a more specified degree. Paper recycling took the place of recycling in general and the evolution of typography was dropped altogether. The idea of creating recycled packaging was changed into a series of posters which addressed the issue of paper recycling. This series of posters is to function as an educational set for the general public. They address issues of paper recycling and give specific facts and methods which can be made useful on a local and national level. The entire educational package includes four floppy Macintosh compatible disks, two Syquest disks for a 44 MB removable hard drive, two research books to illustrate the design and thought process, and the eight posters encased in a portfolio. To maintain my original route of product packaging I have also developed labels to bring the items together as a visual set. Although I have deviated somewhat from the original proposal, the main themes still hold true and accentuate the relationship of art to technology.