Sociology & Anthropology Concentration

Interested in human behavior, cultural diversity, social institutions, and in using knowledge to address social issues?
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Have a global worldview and interest in travel? Passionate about helping people and making the world a better place?

The B.S. Applied Social Science Sociology and Anthropology concentration allows you to follow your interests while learning the critical thinking and data analysis skills that can be applied to a wide range of careers.

Anthropology is the study of what makes us human. Anthropologists take a broad, holistic approach to understand how people interact in social relationships, their cultural traditions, and the diversity of cultures around the world. Anthropologists “take people seriously,” listening to all voices and viewpoints in order to understand how societies vary and what they have in common. Many anthropologists work in their own societies looking at economics, health, education, law, and policy. Learn more at Anthropology Information Central, American Anthropological Association's new research clearinghouse.

Sociology is the study of human social relationships and institutions. Sociology can study a wide variety of topics including, crime, religions, the family, state institutions, divisions of race and class, the environment, and gender, to name a few. Sociologists seek to understand human societies and institutions, how they work, and how they change. It seeks to understand how human action and consciousness both shape and are shaped by surrounding cultural and social structures. Learn more at the American Sociological Association's Undergraduate Student Resources website.

At Stout, we take a hands-on, applied approach to both fields. We focus on how we can use these bodies of knowledge and research methodologies to address a wide range of social issues and to help make decisions in business, social services, government, and non-profit organizations.

Certificate & Minors

You can also earn a Social Work Professional Certificate and become a licensed social worker in the state of Wisconsin, or combine the concentration with a range of minors that will help you hone your skills and distinguish yourself on the job market:

Student Research

All students complete independent research to learn data collection and analysis techniques used across fields. You will learn how to clearly summarize and present results to use in decision making no matter what career you choose.

Sample Project Titles:

  • Youth Activism in Environmental and Climate Justice Solutions
  • Inequality in the American Justice System
  • Nothing is Certain but Fish and Taxed: Water Quality Perceptions and Discourse in Chetek, WI
  • A Mixed Method Study on Sexual health of Freshmen Females Living in Residence Halls at UW-Stout
  • University of Wisconsin-Stout Student Athlete’s Time Management and GRIT
  • Silence in a Small Town: Conceptualizing Sexual Violence in a Community Context

Career and Job Outlook

Job Titles

  • Social Worker
  • Data Specialist
  • Geographic Information Systems Analyst
  • Administrative Coordinator
  • Admissions Systems Analyst
  • Research Coordinator
  • Product Manager        
  • Sales Supervisor
  • Volunteer Services Specialist
  • Case Manager
  • Marketing and Sales Executive
  • Youth and Family Educator   
  • Onboarding Specialist
  • Program Evaluator     
  • Legal Assistant
  • Mental Health Crisis Worker 
  • Grant Specialist
  • Human Resources Coordinator
  • Program Coordinator
  • Criminologist 
  • Fundraiser      
  • Admissions Counselor           
  • Policy/Program Evaluator      

Alumni Careers and Employers

  • Senior Manager, Enterprise Business Development -- Looker Data Services (Santa Cruz, CA)
  • Cartographer -- The Nature Conservancy (Minneapolis, MN)
  • Manager, People Operations – SpareFoot (Austin, TX)
  • Service Coordinator -- Reach for Your Potential, Inc (Iowa City, IA)
  • Product Manager – Springshot (San Francisco, CA)
  • Data Specialist, Mobile CSP Grant – College of St. Scholastica (Duluth, MN)
  • Clinical Research Coordinator, Emergency Medicine -- Medical College of Wisconsin (Milwaukee, WI)

Graduate School Placements

  • University of Minnesota (M.S. in Geographic Information Science)
  • University of Minnesota Law School
  • Arizona State University (PhD in Criminology)
  • University of Wisconsin School of Social Work
  • Southern New Hampshire University (MBA)
  • University of Miami (M.S. Ed. Community and Social Change)