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Building a People-Centered Culture for Long-Term Success 

The Human Factor to Profitability: Building a People-Centered Culture for Long-Term Success written by Jeanette Black, EdD, SPHR and Kelly La Venture, EdD, explores the unique factors of organizational culture and climate that highlight the role and value of employees in any organization. 

People spend most of their time at work, and being an active participant in the culture and climate of their organization impacts the bottom line.

Organizations that promote such values as openness, trust, initiative, teamwork, collaboration, creativity, and empowerment obtain better results. Having employees who are engaged, motivated, and happy at work results in higher productivity and profitability. This book showcases the research, practical application, and testimonials of leaders who use a people-centered process in their organizations.

Endorsement of The Human Factor to Profitability

"The authors of The Human Factor to Profitability have scored a winner with this book that finally brings to the forefront how profitability doesn’t happen through osmosis.  Rather, it’s a careful mix of creating a culture where people are the most significant catalysts to profitability.  While many organizations give lip service to this mantra, The Human Factor to Profitability provides concrete strategies for creating a people-process culture.  Rich with examples, inclusive of top leadership thinkers, and robust with evidence-based practices, this book provides a clear roadmap to achieving profitability through people-process initiatives. Whether you are a CEO, HR professional, organization development consultant, or business manager, this book is a must-read from the first page to the last.

Dr. Mitchell Kusy, Professor Antioch University, Ph.D. 
Program in Leadership & Change Corporate Psychologist 
Co-author, Toxic Workplace! Managing Toxic 
Personalities and Their Systems of Power


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