UW-Stout offers a specific People Process Culture focused course for undergraduate and graduate students.
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The Endowed Chair continues to improve the instructional design of the People, Process, Culture course, including working to ensure the courses meet Quality Matters standards, updating the videos, and developing additional educational resources.

"Modern business is created for people, by people, yet many forget it and treat their employees like numbers. Thus, the People-Process-Culture class shows the importance of human factor, which can predetermine the future of the company, in fun and enlightening way. I have also found the class intuitive and rewarding, because it was interwoven with professor’s professional and life experiences."

– Sophia Ferguson, INMGT 416 People Process Culture

People Process Culture Course

Undergraduate: INMGT-416 People Process Culture
Graduate: INMGT-616 People Process Culture

High performing people process culture organizations; integration of sociology, applied psychology, and organization behavior subject matter areas.