University Requirements

General Education, Racial and Ethnic Studies, and Global Perspective
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University Requirements

UW-Stout prepares students to graduate with broad, important understandings of daily life in a global societyThus, there are three university requirements to be fulfilled prior to graduation:

  1. Racial and ethnic studies (RES)
  2. Global perspectives (GLP)
  3. General education (GE, divided into categories and areas)

Within the general education requirement, a single course cannot be used by students to fulfill multiple categories; however, a single course might be eligible for more than one category. For example, CHEM-110 is approved as both Natural Science and Cross-disciplinary Issues, but CHEM-110 will meet just one category in the student’s program.


University Requirements Course Descriptions

A list of University Requirements: General Education, Racial and Ethnic Studies, and Global Perspective course descriptions can be view in the University Bulletin.


Note: Some courses fulfill requirements in all three areas. An example of a single course that fulfills GE, RES, and GLP requirements is ANTH-320. Students who select courses that count for more than one requirement (GE, RES and GLP) reduce the total number of courses they take to fulfill the above university requirements.