Reminiscence Series

Celebrating the stories and memories from UW-Stout former faculty and staff.
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Thank you for your interest in the 2024 Reminiscences Series featuring Jim Bensen. 

Jim served for many years as Dean of the School of Industry & Technology, paving the path for Stout’s polytechnic advantage long before the University received its official designation. During this period, the University saw great expansion: enrollment tripled, program directors were established, the Stout Technology Park was founded, the Stout Incubator was created, and a vast extension of Research & Development was established.  Jim, through his visionary leadership and focus on innovation, played an instrumental role in all of this.

Jim received Stout's Distinguished Alumni Award in 1991 and served on the Stout University Foundation Board. Jim left UW-Stout to serve as the President of The Dunwoody College of Technology and later, President of Bemidji State University.  In retirement, he has been active in “Re-inventing Communities”, which has resulted in national recognition of excellence.

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