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Training Within Industry (TWI) + KATA Simulation

February 6, 2020  |  9am-3pm


University of Wisconsin-Stout
Memorial Student Center 
Menomonie, WI 54751 

Developing the skills to thrive in today's constantly changing marketplaces. Learn to train and retain the people you have.

The 1-day simulation aims to teach and practice Improvement KATA, Coaching KATA, and how they interact with the TWI programs. You will be trained in the use of it and how you can use the method in your organization to create an improvement culture consisting of competence, common language and a short learning cycle. This ensures continued positive development in your Lean work. You will also get insight into what is required to organize you for a possible KATA launch.

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Develop basic stability of your processes and improvement habits that both live and thrive in dynamic environments. TWI and Kata will boost your operational strategy.

TWI is about


Toyota KATA is about

  • Consistent training through standardized work           


  • Developing new habits and allowing people to think differently about problems and goals
  • Establish and maintain standardized work


  • A way of working, and of working together
  • Solve problems efficiently and effectively


  • Making teams and organization more effective and successful
  • Create a safe work environment


  • Developing a culture of continuous learning and improvement through deliberate practice

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Toyota KATA & TWI Simulation

Participate in this globally recognized simulation that illustrates the interaction between the TWI and KATA programs in a realistic, fun and playful way.

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Meet the Instructor, Mike Braml

With more than 30 years of manufacturing and service industry experience in manufacturing management and continuous improvement efforts, Mike has a history of success helping diverse enterprises gain competitive advantage and position themselves for robust futures.

Mike’s broad continuous improvement experience includes Lean, Six Sigma, and TOC Implementations. Mike is certified in Production and Inventory Management through APICS, he is a senior member in the Society of Industrial Engineers. He was Certified by NIST MEP as Lean Instructor for Lean 101, Value Stream Mapping, 5S, Setup Reduction, Plant Layout, Kaizen Events, Cell Design, Kanban Systems, and Standard Work with extensive experience implementing Lean for many small and medium sized companies.

Mike is now a TWI Institute Master Trainer for the JI, JR, JM, JS and PS programs and specializes in developing the:

  • 3 Training Within Industry (TWI) front-line leadership skills of Leading, Instructing and Improving.
  • Improvement and Coaching Kata patterns outlined in “Toyota Kata” (Mike Rother).
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A full refund, less a $30 processing fee, will be granted upon written notification received 5 or more business days prior to the event.  No refunds will be granted after this time.  Substitutions may be made prior to the start of the program.


Reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities will be made if requested at least two weeks in advance. For arrangements please notify UW-Stout Professional Education Programs and Services,