A sustainable and healthy way to get around campus and the community.
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UW-Stout and the Menomonie community are great places for biking. If you're interested in biking, we offer a number of amenities for you.

Bike Friendly University signageBike Friendly University

UW-Stout is a Bike Friendly University! In 2016, we earned this designation from the League of American Bicyclists. The BFU designation recognizes universities that promote and provide a more bikeable campus for students, staff, and visitors. 

Bike shelterBike Parking

We have a number of bike parking options for you! Bike racks all over campus allow students and employees to conveniently park their bikes outside of campus buildings. And our bike shelters and lockers are great place to park during rain and snow.

On-campus students can rent bike lockers through University Housing.

Need A Bike? We Got You Covered!

StoutBikes Bike Share Program

With StoutBikes, students can rent a bike for a semester or year for a low cost.

Bike FixtationBike Fix Stations

Need to pump up your tires or adjust your seat? We have bike fix stations located all around campus and help bikers prop up their bikes and give them a quick fix.

These fix stations come equipped with all the tools you'll need to get your bike back into riding condition. They also feature air pumps with free air. 

Biking (and Walking) Incentive Programs for Faculty and Staff

Police & Parking offers incentives for faculty and staff who bike (or walk) to campus. Enroll in the program and receive: 

  • 8 free day permits per semester, per rider
  • Discounted day permits after the first 8
  • Discounted weekly permits during winter months
Learn more or enroll in the program.