Laptop Deployment: On Campus

Information on Exchanging or Receiving your eStout Laptop on Campus
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Welcome!  The laptop exchange deploy will continue to take place at the Technology Help Desk in Sorensen Hall. This year we have put social distancing measures in place to provide a safe environment that reduces contact.

To begin the process of exchanging or receiving your eStout Laptop on campus, please read the following steps below to get started.

Sign your Contract and Book an Appointment
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To begin the process of exchanging or picking up a laptop, you will need to complete the necessary steps in the Laptop Portal prior to arriving at the Technology Help Desk. To ensure a successful appointment, please read the following: 

  1. Log in to the Laptop Portal using your UW-Stout username and password. 

  2. Accept and sign the eStout Student Laptop Computer Agreement.

  1. Book your desired appointment time slot. (Must use your UW-Stout email address to book an appointment)


Laptop Portal

Before your Scheduled Appointment
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  1. Students Exchanging Laptops:  You are responsible to back up your files you wish to retain prior to your arrival at the Help Desk. Your Stout Office 365 account includes OneDrive which is a great option for backup. File backup questions can be directed to the Technology Help Desk.
  2. All Students are encouraged to check out the short (six-minute) eStout introductory video that reviews the laptop program and provides information about the following: 

    • Review of eStout Student Laptop Computer Agreement 

    • Email responsibility

    • How to get laptop support

    • Care, security, and liability of the laptop

    • File back-up

    • Laptop return information

  3.  Watch the PowerUp informational video to learn more about setting up your laptop and additional resources at UW-Stout
Picking up and Setting up Your Laptop
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Picking Up Your Laptop

  • Arrive at the Technology Help Desk at your scheduled time.
  • Have your QR code ready to check in.  You can access this in the Laptop Portal.
  • For students who need to exchange their laptops, bring your laptop and all power cables.

Setting Up Your Laptop

  • IMPORTANT: Use the Initial Setup guide provided to complete the laptop setup. The setup process has changed so it is important to follow these steps carefully to ensure a successful setup.