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A podcast focused on the stories of students, faculty, staff, and the entire campus community.
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Welcome back to the University of Wisconsin-Stout and a new season of Inside Stout!

College is about experiences, journeys, and self-discovery. Season 2 of Inside Stout will focus on the stories of our campus community, past and present. Join us monthly for tales of incredible experiences and a continuation of journeying inside, and outside, Stout.

Podcast Episodes


For our pilot episode, we had an enlightening conversation with two students, Gavin Raph and Cheseng Lo (Chewy), who are involved in Esports at Stout. Press play to learn what esports is, how players practice, how the team dynamic is similar and different to a "regular" sports team, pre-game rituals, and more!
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In this episode, we had an enlightening conversation with two female science faculty about the progress Stout has made over the years in empowering women in STEM fields.
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            Dr. Laura McCullough
            Dr. Jo Hopp

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In episode 3, we chatted with two representatives of the Qube, the LBGT+ resource center on campus. What kind of resources and support does the office provide to our campus community? Listen in to learn more!
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            Nakkiah Stampfli
            Adriana Aumann-Weyenberg

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What's the point of Homecoming? Why do Stout students have a history of taking over roads? What is a Stout Ambassador and what do they have to do with yacht cruises? Find out all this and even more on this episode, dedicated to Homecoming Week!
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            Heather Stecklein, UW-Stout Archivist
            Willa Rodencal, Student and Stout Ambassador

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We have a very spooky special just in time for the Halloween season! We invited a wonderful and very interesting guest onto the show to talk about nothing other than fright films, otherwise known as scary movies. What's the difference between a fright film and a horror film? Why do some scary movies have poor character development? What flick should you watch on Halloween? Heagle shares with us his love for fantasy and escape through scary movies, his affinity for 80s fright films and so much more!
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            Michael Heagle, Animation and Digital Media Assistant Professor & Interim Program Director
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This episode dives deep into what a curious prospective student needs to know about the application process, how to get in on the fun of a "Preview Day," and what to expect after being accepted into UW-Stout.
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            Connor Johnson, Computer and Electrical Engineering, UW-Stout
            Erin Konsela, First-Year Student Admissions Counselor, UW-Stout

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The latest episode dives into the world of augmented reality as we chat about the SMARTArt app that was developed over the summer of 2021. The Stout Mobile Augmented Reality Tour of Art app will allow anyone on campus to learn more about art on campus through a smart device such as a cell phone or laptop.
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            Connor Harrison Kelly, B.F.A. Game Design and Development - Art
            Mitch Ogden, Program Director of Professional Communication and Emerging Media

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Oh my. The first semester of the podcast is coming to an end. It's fitting that in this episode of Inside Stout, we'll hear from two people that know the "in's and out's" of the college experience. Commencement is important because it not only celebrates all of a student's hard work, but it gives closure to a chapter in everyone's life and opens the next one. Join us as we discuss!
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            Britta Miller, the new student orientation and commencement coordinator
            Sophie Bernstorf, graduating senior

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On January 1st, 2022, Student Health Services started being managed by Prevea Health. Though there aren't many changes to how a student experiences receiving health care as before, there are some new things students get to experience! Students, with their campus ID, can receive care at any Prevea Urgent Care location in the region, during work hours or after.
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            Kristin Rubenzer, Nurse Practitioner at Student Health Services
            Lisa Raethke. Registered Nurse & the primary administrative liaison with Prevea Health

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Welcome to the first installment of our new, ongoing series, Exposed. Take a deep dive into undergraduate and graduate-level programs at UW-Stout. Hear from instructors and students on their experiences and the stories behind why they chose their program. This week features an in-depth exploration of the Applied Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ABMB) program here at UW-Stout. Learn how UW-Stout faculty inspire science-minded students preparing for future careers in genomics, diagnostic, medical, and forensic fields.
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            Dr. Jim Burritt, Program Director, Applied Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
            Cami Vinz, Undergraduate Student, Applied Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

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With the Spring 2022 Career Conference right around the corner, it's the perfect time to discuss landing your dream internship or co-op. Guest Bethany Henthorn of Career Services details the four-legged stool method for ensuring you're ready for any upcoming professional opportunities. Guest and current UW-Stout student Nilu Umarova details her experiences with internships, Career Services, Career Conferences, and offers valuable advice to current and future students.
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            Bethany Henthorn, Cooperative Education and Internship Program Manager
            Nilu Umarova, UW-Stout student, Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management and Real Estate Management

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Calling all future teachers! This week we're focused on the Early Childhood Education program and the incredible individuals who choose a career shaping and influencing young minds. Guests Terry Kohlmeier, Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education, shares a very heartfelt and honest appeal to those interested in a future teaching career. UW-Stout student and current Student-Teacher, Brianna North, also joins us to share insightful perspectives on the program and what inspired her to choose this career path.
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            Terry Kohlmeier, Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education
            Brianna North, UW-Stout student and current Student Teacher

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Bonus Episode: As recent events in Ukraine continue to unfold, hosts Rachel and Emily turn to members of the Stout community for information and support. Guest Dr. Kim Zagorski, International Relations expert, details the timeline leading up to Russia's invasion, the impacts it will have on us here in the U.S., and how Putin's decisions are impacting Russia. Guest Scott Pierson, Director of the Office of International Education, offers valuable guidance for processing the recent events on a local, community level.
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            Dr. Kim Zagorski, Internation Relations and International Studies Specialization
            Scott Pierson, Director, Office of International Education

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From digital textbooks to classroom technology, this week we explore UW-Stout's integration of technology with our hands-on, polytechnic approach. Guest Bob Butterfield, Director of Instructional Resource Services, details the rollout, expansion, and benefits of 75% of all textbooks at Stout being offered digitally. Nick Dangeur, Technical Integration Engineer, discusses classroom and campus technology. How it aligns in support of the eStout laptop program and the future of technology on campus. Kacey King, current UW-Stout student, describes the benefits of digital textbooks and learning in a technologically progressive environment.
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            Bob Butterfield, Director of Instructional Resources Services at UW-Stout
            Nick Dangeur, Technical Integration Engineer, UW-Stout
            Kasey King, current UW-Stout student

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With Family Weekend approaching, we wanted to take the opportunity to answer some of the most frequently asked questions from Stout parents and supporters. Rachel and Emily are joined by an assortment of guests who will answer your questions on student health, dining, housing, and parking on campus. Don't forget to check out all the amazing Family Weekend events and other resources shared by this week's guests!
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            Sandi Scott, Dean of Students
            Jason Horzewski, Associate Director of University Dining
            Klare Armstrong, Communications and Contracts Coordinator, University Housing
            Jason Spetz, Chief of Police, Director of Parking Services

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This week's episode takes an in-depth look at the Stout Student Association or SSA. Rachel and Emily are joined by SSA President Devin Dumke and Vice President Tsimnuj Xiong. Learn about what the SSA is currently working on, upcoming projects, and the various ways current students can get involved with the Stout Student Association.
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            Devin Dumke, current UW-Stout student and President, Stout Student Association
            Tsimnuj Xiong, current UW-Stout student and Vice President, Stout Student Association

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This week, let's talk about senior shows! As the spring semester draws to a close, Rachel and Emily highlight senior projects happening within the School of Art & Design (SOAD). Graphic Design major Rhea Losano and Game Design major Eleanore Falck discuss their senior projects, why they chose UW-Stout, and offer advice to those considering a future in the design field.
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            Rhea Losano, graduating Graphic Design major
            Eleanore Falck, graduating Game Design major

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