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A student advisory referendum will take place April 11!
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The Recreation Complex Committee, with the help of the Stout Student Association is putting forth three options to the student body. Select each option below to learn more about what Options A, B, and C entail.

Option A

Segregated Fee: $75

Today's Cost: $6.85M

Added Recreational Space: 6,800 sq. ft.


-Recycle pool area into a multi-purpose gymnasium facility

-Improve locker rooms, addressing issues such as shower quality, lack of privacy,
lack of gender neutral options, and being a shared space during events.

Option B

Segregated Fee: $187.50

Today's Cost: $16.3M

Added Recreational Space: 6,800 sq. ft. repurposed + 20,000 sq. ft. new

Features: Option A +

- Addition dedicated to fitness including strength training, cardio, & fitness studio space 

- Relocate athletic weight room to current fitness center and convert the existing athletic weight room to multi-use studio and/or classroom space

- Single entrance point to facility

- Eliminate Fitness Center member fees, seg. fees sustain facility operations and capital

Option B

Option C

Segregated Fee: $250

Today's Cost: $25.5M

Added Recreational Space: 6,800 sq. ft. repurposed + 40,000 sq. ft. new

Features: Option A & B +

- Second floor addition of multi-use courts & walking/ jogging track

- Space dedicated to open recreation

Option COption C

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Facility Comparisons

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