Surplus Property

Our office provides opportunities to reuse, repurpose, and recycle surplus items at UW-Stout.
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Public Surplus Sales

UW-Stout is excited to announce our reopening of the Surplus Public sales! Sales will open Thursdays 9:00 am to 3:00 pm twice monthly, dates are listed below. The sales will have some minor restrictions due to the COVID pandemic to include the requirement for all customers to wear face masks, maintaining social distancing guidelines, and limiting the total number of customers at a time to 6 in the Surplus Store. The remaining customers will need to wait outside until allowed to enter. We have also set up a defined ENTRY( Current Surplus entry door) and EXIT( west side of the building) doors for the sale day. We are looking forward to sees everyone again, we welcome you all back!

March 2021

April 2021

**There are limited surplus courtesy parking spaces available.  The 15-minute short term spaces will be enforced.  If you will be parked longer than 15 minutes and the surplus courtesy spaces are full you have the option of parking in Lot 30 and using the ParkMobile App to pay for your parking.**

Also, take note that we will continue to utilize the Wisconsin Surplus Auction site on a monthly basis for selling items.

To Surplus an Item

To surplus any item to our department(except for IT Hardware Assets), complete the Surplus Declaration Formand send it to University Services, Room 142. Upon receipt, scheduling arrangements will be made by Surplus staff to have the property picked up. Any department disassembling items for surplus must provide a picture of the item fully assembled..

To surplus IT Hardware Assets (computers, iPads, network printers, smartphones, etc.), complete the IT Hardware Asset Surplus/Ownership Transfer Form.  Upon receipt, scheduling arrangements will be made by LIT to have the property picked up.

To Reclaim Surplus Property

To reclaim a surplus item, complete the Surplus Property Request Form. Delivery arrangements will be made when the form is received. Campus departments may view and reclaim the surplus property for departmental reuse (not for personal use) on Wednesdays from  9 a.m to 1 p.m. There will be no department viewing outside of this schedule.


We recycle all used printer cartridges and batteries on campus. Please send all used inkjet, LaserJet, and copier cartridges, along with any Alkaline and rechargeable batters to Surplus. All items can be sent to 142 University Services via campus mail.

Our Goals

  • Maximize surplus operational benefits to UW-Stout campus departments.
  • Provide opportunities for reuse of surplus items by UW-Stout campus departments.
  • Provide opportunities for the general public to purchase surplus property at public sales.
  • Provide a centralized recycling location for all types of batteries and printer cartridges.
  • Be a responsible environmental steward for the campus by finding reuse and recycling markets for surplus property.
  • Attempt to create a "zero" waste surplus operation.