WinTerM 2016

Course Availability

WinTerM courses can be found by using the "search for classes" function on Access Stout.

Students looking for help with this process can download a class search walkthrough.



Enrollment dates for WinTerM 2016 begin on October 23rd 2015

New Students: A WinTerM Registration Form must be filled out online and submitted. 

Once the WinTerM Session Registration form has been received and processed, an email will be sent out with further instructions for completing the Fee Payment Agreement, which is required before registration can begin.

New students that wish to continue as degree seeking students in the fall must go online to and complete the UW System application for admission.

High school special (non-degree) students must have their application for admission signed by one parent or guardian and a high school guidance counselor or principal. Transcript and fee are not required.

If a course you are registering for requires a prerequisite you completed at an institution other than UW-Stout, then you must forward an official transcript to UW-Stout Admissions Office to confirm completion of the prerequisite.


Additional Information

University Housing

Students who attend UW-Stout during fall semester and are registered for second semester can stay in their assigned dorm and go as you please. Students need an ID card for entry. If you have additional questions, you can contact:  

UW-Stout, University Housing
    170 Price Common


Financial Aid

There is no financial aid disbursement for WinTerM. Students seeking financial aid for Winterm may request an extension to their Fall semester eligibility. The amount of WinTerM aid depends on the amount of financial aid eligibility remaining and in the form of student loans only. WinTerM applicants need to have a FAFSA on file for the current year and be approved for the Fall semester. 

WinTerM Financial Aid applications are available to print from the Financial Aid website.

Forms are also available in the Financial Aid Office (Room 210 Bowman Hall).

Identification Cards

A Stout OneCard (student identification card) is issued to each student at no charge and signifies status as an active member of the UW-Stout community. It also serves as an official student identification card.

To obtain a Stout OneCard, the student must present a valid government issued photo ID card when they report to 160 Price Commons to have a photo taken. The Stout OneCard will be sent directly to the student’s home address in a UW-Stout branded business size envelope. Once the card is received, it must be activated. Students can easily activate their Stout OneCard online.

During activation, preferences are selected for receiving financial refunds from the university. In addition, students are offered a free MasterCard debit/checking account (not a credit card, there must be funds available for purchases) called the “OneAccount.” The OneAccount may serve as a primary bank account allowing students to use their campus ID card to complete transactions anytime, anywhere a MasterCard is accepted.

Funds can be deposited into a Flexline account, which is an on-campus debit account that can be used to purchase meals, school supplies, clothing, tickets, postage, photo copies, resume printing, health services, parking permits, beverages and snacks. These funds remain active and usable while a student is actively enrolled. Flexline funds are for use on-campus only and cannot be used anywhere outside of the university.

Office hours are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

For more information about the Stout OneCard, the OneAccount or the Flexline account, call (715) 232-2887 (choose option 2).


Textbooks: Instructional Resource Center

Textbooks and other required resources for your classes are available for loan at this service. Instructional Resources Service (IRS) is located on the west side, second floor, of the Library Learning Center. Resources are also available for purchase.

Students can pick up books after they have returned their current texts, which must be returned at the end of each semester. More information regarding textbook rental is on the UW-Stout library’s Instructional Resources Website.

Checking out Textbooks:

  • Current textbooks need to be returned prior to checking out textbooks for the upcoming term.

  • All textbooks remaining in IRS after the first ten class days are available for loan for leisure or research purposes, and are also due the last day of classes. Exceptions require instructor permission.

Returning Textbooks:

  • Textbooks are to be returned to Instructional Resources (not the main library).

  • A book drop is available when Instructional Resources is closed. The book drop is built into the side brick wall near the 3rd street entrance of the Robert S. Swanson Learning Center.

If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to stop in or call (715) 232-2492.


On-Campus Child-Care Facilities

The Child and Family Study Center is not open during WinTerM.


WinTerM parking permits are available through the Parking Services office. Students can stop in the Parking Office to purchase the permit.

For more information, visit the WinTerM Parking web page.

UW-Stout Parking Services
110 University Services Building