Waste Reduction

Recycling on Campus

UW-Stout recycles a number of materials across campus from commingled aluminum, plastic, and paper products to batteries and inkjet cartridges, to many more. Check out our recycling page here.

UW-Stout's Trash, Commingled Recycling, and Composting

UW-Stout has been recycling since 1991 and composting since 2010. There has been significant progress since each have been implemented. Since July 2010, UW-Stout staff, faculty, and students have diverted 246,837 pounds of recycled material and 502,720 pounds of food waste from the landfill.

Trash,Compost,Commingled Weights

UW-Stout Composting

University Dining Services has been composting since January 2010. It was not until January 2013 that composting receptacles have been in each building on campus. 

Compost bin   Composted Material

University Dining Compostable Containers and Packaging

University Dining Services uses ALL compostable containers and packaging. 

The items that can be composted are:

  • Coffee cups, lids, and sleeves
  • Fountain drink cups, lids, and straws
  • To-go containers and silverware
  • Containers for salads, vegetables, fruits, sandwiches
  • Sandwich wraps
  • Plastic bags

Compostable Cups  Compostable packaging  Composting  Dining Compostable Packaging

Reusable Take-Out Container Program

Reusable take-out dining containers are available to students in our two campus dining facilities.  Students interested in reducing their waste consumption can enroll in the program by paying a one-time fee of $5 for the meal container, $3 for a cup, and 25 cents for each piece of silverware.

compostable dinnerware

Composting Food Waste

Through a partnership with Advance Disposal (Formerly Veolia Environmental Services), we are currently composting all food waste from the kitchens of our dining facilities.  In 2010, our campus composted 90.7 tons (181,400 lbs) of food waste.

Ever wonder what happens to our compost when it leaves campus?

Veolia Composting Process infographic


UW-Stout has been competing in Recyclemania, the annual nationwide recycling competition, since 2007. During the Recyclemania competition, UW-Stout was ranked 202nd with a trash rate of 66% in 2012 and ranked 115th with a trash rate of 58% in 2013. For more information about Recyclemania, click here.

Percentage of Total Waste 2012 & 2013