2013-2014 Headlines

Trash leads to award for UW-Stout (WQOW, TV-18, 4/18/14)

Workshop with Local Agencies to Examine Sustainable Communities (Dunn County News, 11/6/2013)

Campuswide Recycling, Composting Efforts are Getting Results (UW-Stout News, 11/6/2013)

Series Kicks off with 'The Price of Sand' Screening, Discussion (UW-Stout News, 10/7/2013)

Iowa Initiative for Sustainable Communities comes to UW-Stout (Stoutonia, 11/19/2013)

Reduce, reuse, recycle... and compost (Stoutonia, 11/19/2013)

Farm to School Coming to Dunn County with University Support (UW-Stout News, 8/19/2013)

University Achieves Silver Ranking in National Sustainability Program (UW-Stout News, 8/14/2013)

2012-2013 Headlines

Students Can Donate Unwanted Items at Spring Move Out (UW-Stout News, 5/10/2013)

Not Such a Raw Deal After All (Stoutonia Online, 5/6/2013)

Local Foods Documentary and Presentation at UW-Stout (Dunn County News, 5/6/2013)

Sustainable Food Topic of UW-Stout Event (Leader Telegram, 5/6/2013)

Commission Approves Renovation of Residence Halls (Dunn County News, 3/26/2013)

Problems, Solutions Examined for Red Cedar Watershed (The Country Today, 3/20/2013)

Condition of Local Watershed Affects All (Dunn County News, 3/19/2013)

Menomonie Council Urged to Support Earth Hour (Leader Telegram, 3/11/2013)

Sustainability Drives Initiative at UW-Stout (Leader Telegram, 3/10/2013)

UW-Stout Composting, Recycling Program Expanded to All Buildings (Leader Telegram, 3/10/2013)

Composting, Recycling Program Expanded to All Buildings (Waste Management World, 3/6/2013)

Stout Campus Participates in Annual Recyclemania Competition (Dunn County News, 3/6/2013)

Composting, Recycling Program Expanded to All Buildings (UW-Stout News, 3/5/2013)

University Joins National Sustainability Tracking Program (UW-Stout News, 2/4/2013)

Taste the Waste documentary showing in Menomonie (Dunn County News, 1/13/2013)

Last Call at the Oasis documentary to screen in Menomonie (Dunn County News, 1/4/13)

UW-Stout transitions to a more sustainable recycling program (Stoutonia, 12/6/12)

2011-2012 Headlines

Big Green On Campus (VolumeOne, 07/25/12)

UW-Stout student conducting research for city-wide composting program in Menomonie (WEAU TV-13, 2/28/12)

Area universities' energy efficiency a lesson for all (Leader Telegram, 2/27/12)

Student receives UW System grant to study composting in city (Dunn County News, 2/26/12)

Local student gets grant to research waste (WQOW TV-18)

Health, Sustainability and Equity Event (Stoutonia, 11/17/11)

Food for Thought Film Series focuses on local and sustainable eats (Eau Claire Leader Telegram, 11/12/11)

Food for Thought Film Series Focuses on Local and Sustainable Food (The Black Book of the Chippewa Valley, 10/23/11)

TODAY INTERVIEW: Food for Thought Film Series (WEAU TV-13, 10/14/11)

F.R.E.S.H. sustainability group to show film series (Stoutonia, 10/6/11)

Food for Thought: It's high time for a foodie movement documentary series (VolumeOne, 9/29/11)

2010-2011 Headlines

UW-Stout students' pizza box design takes first in national contest (Leader Telegram, 5/13/11)

UW-Stout students win packaging competition with pizza box (WEAU TV-13, 5/11/11)

UW-Stout shuttle bus dubbed a 'tremendous success' (Leader Telegram, 5/4/11)

Sustainability Author to Speak at UW-Stout (Leader Telegram, 4/11/11)

Stout takeout goes reusable (VolumeOne, 4/1/11)

Dining halls offering reusable takeout containers (Stoutonia, 3/31/11)

UW-Stout Take-Out Meals Go Green (Chippewa Valley Post, 3/31/11)

UW-Stout environmental chapter launched (Leader Telegram, 3/27/11)

There's a whole lot of sustainability going on (Dunn County News, 11/2/2010)

Local University Rolls Out Rent-A-Bike Program (WQOW TV-18, 11/4/10)

New Program at UW-Stout Helps Students Get Around (WEAU TV-13, 11/3/10)

Stout's stations cut down on bottled water use (Leader Telegram, 10/17/10)

StoutBikes (Stoutonia, 9/23/10)

Officials hope bike program relieves parking issues, fosters sustainability, recreation (Leader Telegram, 9/19/10)

Two universities to add new water fountains (WEAU TV-13, 7/7/10)

2009-2010 Headlines

The Plot Thickens (Dunn County News, 5/18/10)

UW-Stout Spring Move Out: Recycle and Reuse (Leader Telegram, 5/4/10)

St. Paddy's Day Trash Blitz at UW-Stout (WQOW TV-18, 3/18/10)

St. Paddy's Day Trash Blitz on the Menomonie Campus (WEAU TV-13, 3/17/10)

Support Blooms for Menomonie Community Garden (Leader Telegram, 2/21/10)

University composting all food waste from dining halls (WQOW TV-18, 2/16/10)

UW-Stout Students Dig Through Trash to Promote Recycling (WQOW TV-18, 2/3/10)

Stout Kids to Graduate in Recyclable Style (VolumeOne, 12/10/09)

Go Green with Recycled Shrink Film to Protect Holiday Baskets (Packaging and Shipping Supplies Blog, 12/1/09)

UW-Stout Cafeterias Go Green (Badger Herald, 12/1/09)

UW-Stout takes initiative on 'green' food packaging (Leader Telegram, 11/29/09)