What You Can Do

There are lots of opportunities for getting involved in sustainability initiatives at UW-Stout and in the community. And there are many ways to become more sustainable in your daily life.

  1. Suggest a project! Tell us what sustainability project you would like to see implemented on campus and/or in the community. We'll add it to our list of potential projects.

  2. Work on a project! If you're interested in taking on a project from our Potential Projects List, let us know. Whether you're a student, faculty member, or staff member, we're happy to help you with a sustainability project of your choice and to connect you with others who may be able to assist you.

  3. Get involved with any of the UW-Stout student organizations focused on sustainability. Join Greensense, Sustainable Agriculture in Education Association (SAEA), or the Natural Areas Club!

  4. Join the Stout Student Association and become part of the Sustainability Committee chaired for the Student Sustainability Director.

  5. Ride a bike, walk, carpool, or take the bus. Check out alternative transportation options available at UW-Stout!

  6. If you're eating on campus, join the reusable carry-out container program, to reduce waste from carry-out meals.

  7. Eat local food. Check out the Menomonie Farmer's Market or rent a plot at the Menomonie Community Garden.

  8. Follow up on the Sustainable Stout Facebook page to learn more about sustainability events on campus.

For more suggestions on how to incorporate sustainability into your daily life, check out the Stout Green Living Guide. [PDF]