Sustainability Courses at UW-Stout

If you're a student interested in taking sustainability-focused or sustainability-related courses, UW-Stout offers nearly 60 courses that are sustainability-focused, as well as over 100 courses that are sustainability-related. A full listing of both sustainability-focused and sustainability-related courses can be downloaded here.

Potential Sustainability Course Projects

Students interested in working on sustainability projects within their courses, can use these project ideas as a starting point:

  • Life cycle assessments of hand dryers used in campus bathrooms
  • Green building projects
  • Energy audits of campus buildings
  • Energy efficiency projects, e.g. LED lights, solar lighting for exterior locations, building envelopes, etc.
  • Renewable energy projects
  • Storm water management projects, e.g. rain gardens
  • Education and marketing for sustainability initiatives, such as waste reduction, energy consumption, storm water management, etc.
  • Sustainable food assessments
  • Green roofs for campus buildings
  • Season extension for UW-Sprout Campus Garden
  • Life cycle assessments for PLA plastic
  • Water reduction for UW-Sprout Campus Garden, e.g. rainwater harvesting
  • Assessment of trayless dining 
  • Campus-owned appliance audits
  • Assessment of climate impacts of native plants and non-native plants
  • Personal appliance audits
  • Audit of green purchases by campus, e.g., paper, electronics, etc.
  • Assessment of hybrid, alternative fuel, or electric fleet vehicles
  • Life cycle assessment of campus-produced compost 
  • Climate impact assessment of current campus compost process versus a local or on-campus compost facility 

Completed Sustainability Course Projects 

Many UW-Stout students have completed sustainainability-based projects in the past.  View these projects.