President's Climate Commitment

On September 12th, 2007, UW-Stout became a Charter Signatory of the American College and Universities President’s Climate Commitment, a high-visibility effort to address global warming by garnering institutional commitments to neutralize greenhouse gas emissions, and to accelerate the research and educational efforts of higher education to equip society to re-stabilize the earth’s climate.  Chancellor Charles W. Sorensen signed the climate commitment indicating that UW-Stout agrees to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions on campus, with the eventual goal of leaving a neutral carbon footprint while at the same time providing education to students who will, in turn, help society to do the same.

In keeping with the climate commitment, UW-Stout has pledged to develop an institutional Climate Action Plan [PDF], which was adopted on September 15, 2009.  UW-Stout has also pledged to complete a comprehensive inventory of all greenhouse gas  emissions.  To date, UW-Stout has completed three Greenhouse Gas Reports:

Signing the Climate Commitment document