Sustainability Office

UW-Stout's Sustainability Office is managed by sustainability coordinator, Sarah Rykal, with help from a number of dedicated students. The Sustainability Office serves as the central point of contact and resource for sustainability initiatives on the UW-Stout campus and in the community and region.


Sarah Rykal, Sustainability Coordinator

Sarah Rykal oversees the Sustainability Office at UW-Stout. She earned a Master's Degree in Sustainable Community Development from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls and is a credentialed LEED Green Associate. Sarah serves as chair of UW-Stout's Sustainability Steering Committee and co-chair of the Alternative Transportation Work Group. She is also a member of the Sustainable Dunn Steering Committee and Dunn County's Joint Sustainability Working Group. Sarah manages a multitude of sustainability projects in alternative transportation, food systems, energy conservation and efficiency, green building, waste reduction, and much more. She works with faculty and students to infuse sustainability into the curriculum through class projects. She conducts the STARS (Sustainability Tracking, Assessment and Ratings System) assessment for UW-Stout.  And she advises the Stout Student Association's Sustainability Council and manages Green Fee funding. Sarah supervises a staff of amazing students (below) who are all very passionate about sustainable development.

Sarah enjoys hiking, biking, kayaking, snowboarding, gardening, cooking, traveling, taking photos and videos, reading, writing, watching movies, going to concerts, and drinking iced tea or hot cocoa (depending on the season).

Contact Sarah by email or by phone at 715.232.5254.




Laura Donovan, Alternative Transportation Co-Manager

Laura is a junior majoring in Applied Social Science with a concentration in Sociology and Anthropology. This semester, she is secretary of the Just Food student organization, a student senator, and a volunteer at UW-Sprout Campus Garden. Her goal after dominating her super senior year is to work for an environmental non-profit organization to create just transitions to a more sustainable world and to give all people the change to really enjoy nature. She loves doing anything outdoors! Her favorite form of practical transportation is by bike and her favorite form of impractical transportation is by unicycle.


Christina Hammerstrom, UW-Sprout Garden Manager 

Christina Hammerstrom is an Industrial Design major. In 2015, she transferred from Luther College where she enjoyed working with the Sustainability Office on a lighting audit project. She has worked with Seed Savers Exchange in Deborah, IA, maintaining and harvesting acres of gardens as well as packaging many varieties of seeds. She participates in Cross Country in the fall and Track and Field in the spring. In the future, she hopes to work with a company that has interests in sustainable design of products, specifically automobiles and motorcycles.

Christina is also an avid fan of mountain biking, swimming, snowboarding, hockey, kayaking, and basically anything outdoors. She is addicted to Chai tea, obsessed with pesto, and considers sunscreen to be her best friend. Running is her second best friend though she also enjoys a rainy day movie marathon.


Connor Hobart, UW-Sprout Assistant Manager

Connor Hobart is majoring in Applied Social Science with a concentration in Sociology and Anthropology. He is involved with the UW-Stout Seize the Grid campaign and the Stout Optimists student organization.

Connor is unsure what he'll do after graduating, but hopes to do something that will benefit people and/or the planet. Some specific options he's considering include the Peace Corps and social work. He enjoys exercising, creating mediocre artwork, reading, working collaboratively with others, and being outside.