Sustainable Food at UW-Stout

At UW-Stout, we strive to offer food that is:
  • Local – food that is grown and processed within a 250-mile radius of UW-Stout
  • Organic – food that is grown using USDA's organic standards which preserve the environment
  • Fair Trade – food in which fair prices are paid to food producers in developing countries; promotes higher social and environmental standards

Benefits of Sustainable Food

  • Local food supports local and regional farmers and the local economy
  • Local food reduces CO2 emissions
  • Organic food cultivates healthier soils and human health by decreasing pesticide use
  • Fair Trade food provides farmers fair wages and ensures food is produced in accordance with environmental standards 


Local Apples FS

Sustainable Food at UW-Stout

According to our 2015 STARS Assessment, 16.1% of University Dining Services' food purchases were sustainable (i.e., local, Organic, or Fair Trade).

Check out UW-Stout Dining Services' Sustainability webpage for more information.


UW-Sprout Campus Garden

The UW-Sprout Campus Garden is our campus garden and CSA.  Located on North Campus, it's a place for students, faculty, and staff to gather and grow food and cultivate community. Learn more here.

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