UW-Stout Rideboard


Interested in carpooling? Join the UW-Stout Rideboard to find people to share rides with around town, to and from campus, or for regional trips. This service is available to students, faculty, and staff of UW-Stout. Check out the Rideboard here!

UW-Stout Carpool, Bike, and Pedestrian Commuter Programs

UW-Stout offers incentives for employees commuting to and from work in carpools, via bike or walking. 


  • At this time the program is restricted to faculty and staff employees
  • A carpool is comprised of a minimum of two employees who regularly share the commute to campus.
  • The group of carpoolers must share a single parking permit.
  • Carpoolers must live on the same "route" to campus.
  • Please note that faculty and staff may use the university Rideboard to link up with others who may be interested in carpooling.  The Rideboard may be used to either request riders or express an interest in riding with another.


  • A shared carpool permit is discounted by 50%
    • Payroll deduction payment must be split equally amongst the carpoolers
  • Courtesy/discounted permits for days when riders drive separately
    • Four courtesy day-permits per semester per rider
    • Discounted daily permits after the four courtesy permits
    • Discount weekly permits during school break periods


  • Contact Parking Services at to express interest or ask for more information.
  • Parking Services will follow up to contact each carpooler
  • Previous payment for parking permits that are no longer needed or will be discounted under this program will be refunded.

Click here for more information about these programs.

Benefits of Carpooling

  • Saves money gas, parking, and other car maintenance expenses
  • Your car will last longer
  • Less emissions in the atmosphere
  • Reduces stress from your commute
  • Social hour with friends/coworkers/classmates
  • More safe driving: people tend to drive more cautiously with passengers