UW-Stout Rideshare

In 2015, UW-Stout launched the new UW-Stout Rideshare, an easy and user-friendly online ridesharing program! If you're a student or staff member interested in sharing a ride for daily commutes or one-time trips to Minneapolis, Madison, or elsewhere, UW-Stout Rideshare is the perfect tool for you. Find fellow carpoolers, check out their profiles, and learn more about them and their vehicles before booking your seat or offering a ride. 

Registration is free and easy: just use your UW-Stout email and create your own password.  


UW-Stout Carpool Incentive Program for Faculty/Staff

Incentives are available to faculty/staff who commute to campus by carpool and share a parking permit.

  • 50% discount on parking permit
  • 8 free day permits per semester per rider
  • Discounted day permits after the first 8
  • Discounted weekly permits during school break periods

Click here for more information or to register for this program.

Benefits of Carpooling

  • Saves money gas, parking, and other car maintenance expenses
  • Your car will last longer
  • Less emissions in the atmosphere
  • Reduces stress from your commute
  • Social hour with friends/coworkers/classmates
  • More safe driving: people tend to drive more cautiously with passengers