Psychiatric Rehabilitation Concentration

For employment in community-­‐based rehabilitation programs or residential programs serving individuals with long-­‐term mental illness.
In this Section

Graduates with this concentration will most likely obtain employment in community-­based rehabilitation programs or residential programs serving individuals with long­-term mental illness.

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Concentration Objectives:

  1. Describe the characteristics, etiology, and classification of long‐term mental illness and its medical, psychosocial, and vocational implications.
  2. Describe current approaches to the treatment of and interventions for individuals with long term mental illness, including those individuals dually diagnosed.
  3. Describe the goals and processes of psychiatric rehabilitation.
  4. Connect, coach, and collaborate with recipients of psychiatric rehabilitation services to set goals, develop an intervention plan, and monitor progress.
  5. Design an individual diagnostic process and conduct a comprehensive vocational assessment for individuals with long­‐term mental illness.
  6. Develop a plan for community integration, access resources, and facilitate accommodations to achieve appropriate placements that provide economic, social, and therapeutic opportunities for individuals with long-term mental illness.
  7. Identify, coordinate, and build family and community support systems necessary for community integration of individuals with long-­term mental illness.
  8. Develop, initiate, and maintain skill building, educational, and support groups for individuals with long­-term mental illness.