Student-Created Games

Preview games created by UW-Stout students as a part of the Game Design and Development program.
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UW-Stout students showcase games at the semi-annual Stout Game Expo (SGX). As part of a capstone project, development teams from B.F.A. Game Design and Development and B.S. Computer Science have collaborated to create games that have since received international recognition.

Featured below are four games that you can preview, download and play. Be sure to check out the teams' development blogs to see how the games were created each step of the way.

turnip town

Umbrella Mondays

Help Fella navigate environmental puzzles and hazards as she explores the crumbling mansion in search of answers.
Behind you

Small Hours

Ausha's cat is lost in an otherworldy town; help her find it in this stealth horror game.
strix game studio


Explore a vast underground world; find your way home.

Flash Frozen

Trapped on a shipwrecked vessel, how will you survive this place haunted and warped by a living ice entity?