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New policy #14-74 (Advertising, Sponsorship and Promotion of Alcohol and Tobacco Products)
The Advertising, Sponsorship and Promotion of Alcohol and Tobacco Products policy: #14-74 has been approved. The revised policy can be found here. This policy went through the full policy review process, which includes review by the Chancellor, Cabinet, Senates, policy review group, campus policy committee and policy owner. This is a new policy and the purpose is to establish guidelines for the advertisement, sponsorship or promotion of alcohol and tobacco products on the UW-Stout campus or at campus sponsored events.

Revision to policy #90-52 (Identity and Publications Standards)
The Identity and Publications Standards policy: #90-52 has been revised. The revised policy can be found here. This policy went through the full policy review process, which includes review by the Chancellor, Cabinet, Senates, policy review group, campus policy committee and policy owner. The purpose of the policy is to ensure appropriate and consistent use of the university's official name and other identity elements.

Budget Cut Feedback Form

Please click here to provide input on the budget cuts. All comments will be anonymous unless you choose to provide your name on the feedback form.

 SAVE THE DATE: 2015 Engagement Sessions, August 31, 2015

All faculty, staff and student are invited to attend the fall 2015 Engagement Sessions, which will be held on August, 31, 2015.  The event will begin with an opening address in the Great Hall at 8:15am, and then move into small group discussions about the proposed initiatives from 9:15-11:30.  All faculty/staff/students who attend the engagement sessions will receive a ticket for lunch immediately following the event.  The presentations and discussions will focus on initial action items to achieve the 5 goals of FOCUS 2020: 1) Create a supportive environment that increases the recruitment and retention of high quality faculty and staff, 2) Establish sustained financial viability of the institution by improving fiscal discipline, reallocating resources, increasing donations and other external revenue, and streamlining processes, 3) Create a supportive environment that encourages, promotes and incentives the use of innovative, high-impact, evidence-based instructional models and practices, 4) Increase student participation in applied research, increase student experiences that develop intercultural competence, and require an applied learning experience from all students and 5) Expand, sustain, and collaborate on internal and external partnerships.  Additional information about the specific action items will be provided at a later date.

FOCUS 2020 Strategic Plan

The goals and performance indicators for the FOCUS 2020 strategic plan have been approved by the Strategic Planning Group. The full FOCUS 2020 strategic plan can be found here. Five goals have been established for FOCUS 2020 and enduring goal #6 has been revised to include environmental sustainability.  Thanks is extended to all faculty, staff and students who provided input. 

You Said…We Did

Thank you all for attending the You Said...We Did presentation on January 20.  This celebratory event included a presentation on actions that have been taken, and actions that are in progress, based on feedback from faculty, staff and students at the engagement sessions.  This year's presentation included a specific focus in the areas of applied research, student engagement, and diversity.  The presentation will also included an updated version of the proposed FOCUS 2020 goals and performance indicators.  To view the full presentation and more information about the initiatives, please visit the You Said... We Did website.

Elimination of Policy #83-34: Maintenance, Operation, Repair, Remodeling, Funding Responsibilities- Athletic Facilities

Policy #83-34: Maintenance, Operation, Repair, Remodeling, Funding Responsibilities- Athletic Facilities has been rescinded due to the fact that it is no longer being used.  This change was reviewed and approved by the Chancellor, policy owner, university policy committee, chair of the Faculty Senate, chair of the Senate of Academic staff and chair of the Classified Advisory Development Council.

2014-15 Faculty and Academic Staff Salary Study

The 2014-15 Faculty and Academic Staff Salary Study is now available on the Information Portal.  The annual salary studies are just one example of the numerous actions Stout has taken to address faculty and staff salary issues over the past two decades.  The current study's purpose is multi-fold and involves the following:
  • Examine salaries at Stout by using internal salary models
  • Provide national comparison of Stout salaries
  • Determine if gender, race/ethnicity, individual, and departmental inequities exists
  • Determine market equity
  • Highlight emerging issues

Scheduled accreditation visit

UW-Stout will receive a visit from the Higher Learning Commission on March 28-29, 2016.  The visit is a standard part of the 10-year accreditation cycle for all institutions.  In preparation for this visit, UW-Stout must prepare an assurance argument, demonstrating how it complies with the criteria for accreditation, and a Federal Compliance packet, addressing information on the assignment of credits, the student complaint process, practices for verifying student identity, Title IV program responsibilities, advertising and recruitment materials, and student outcome data.  Additional information about the visit will be shared as it becomes available.

Higher Learning Commission Quality Initiative

As part of the requirements for accreditation, UW-Stout submits a "Quality Initiative" to the Higher Learning Commission.  The Quality Initiative takes place between years 5 and 9 of the accreditation cycle and is intended to allow institutions to take risks, aim high, and learn from partial successes or failures.  UW-Stout's Current Quality Initiative is about developing systems and processes for continuing to increase the quality of the faculty and staff.  It focuses primarily on addressing gaps in competitive compensation, growing the infrastructure for advancing the research enterprise, and improving campus climate and job engagement.  Progress on this initiative is reviewed by the Strategic Planning Group as part of the planning process.  UW-Stout will be required to submit a progress report on this initiative in August 2015.

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